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Education Sessions

90-minute education sessions will be offered from Sunday through Wednesday. Each session is 1.5 professional development hours (PDH). Unless otherwise noted, the instruction level of the education sessions will be intermediate or advanced, appropriate for an experienced, professional audience. The ASLA Fund supports ASLA research, library, archives, awards, and professional education programs.

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Wednesday, November 2
1:30 – 3:00 pm

ARC International Wildlife Crossing Design Competition (Part I)*

Roads are a major obstacle to landscape connectivity and ecological vitality, and wildlife crossings are promising infrastructural applications in landscape architecture that make roads safer for both drivers and animals. This double panel session presents the many novel approaches the ARC International Wildlife Crossing Design Competition finalists conceived.

  • Understand emerging concepts in wildlife crossing infrastructure.
  • Learn opportunities and challenges for landscape architects in this emerging transportation priority.
  • Connect ecological science, transportation engineering, and environmental policy in a new design context.

*Part II takes place at 3:30 pm, WED-D1

Featured Speakers: Nina-marie Lister, Affil. ASLA, Ryerson University; Janet Rosenberg, ASLA, Janet Rosenberg and Associates; Fiona Kydd, OKRA Landscape Architects; Diana Balmori, ASLA, Balmori Associates

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACESHSW, GBCI, AICP, FL, NY/HSW

Landscape and Public Art: Making a Seamless Realm

Art is too often viewed as an add-on feature to public spaces. Recent projects, however, illustrate the benefits of a much more integrated approach, where artists and landscape architects work together as equal partners in tapping a locale's distinctive ecological and cultural qualities. See how this collaborative approach enhances spatial cohesion.

  • Appreciate the important role of public art in the design of public spaces.
  • Discover how artistic sensibilities benefit the practice of landscape architecture.
  • Learn what public clients expect from an artist–designer collaboration.

Featured Speakers: Ignacio Bunster-Ossa, FASLA, Wallace Roberts & Todd; Brad Goldberg, BRAD J. GOLDBERG; Elizabeth Grajales, ASLA, City of Phoenix

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, FL, NY/HSW

Lessons from Abroad: The Profession Beyond North America

What do landscape architecture professionals in other lands know that we don’t?  Practitioners in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and other areas create beautiful projects and enjoy a thriving business. They are often dealing with the same challenges we face in North America, and in many cases have more experience and a  higher success rate. 

  • Learn about best practices in landscape architecture design and business beyond the confines of North America.
  • Understand what overseas clients expect from their native landscape architecture professionals.
  • Develop a business plan that is global in scope.

Featured Speakers: Thomas M. Paine, ASLA, AGER Group; Elizabeth Mossop, ASLA, Spackman, Mossop + Michaels; Aki Omi, AECOM; Consuelo Bravo, Chilean National Urban Forestry Program

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, NY/HSW

Designing Cities for Sea Level Rise

Learn what areas of the U.S. will most benefit from flood-control planning over the next 25 years and what strategies planners have implemented in Europe and Japan to address rising sea levels and flooding from tidal surges and rainstorms. Contextual strategies establish a clear role for landscape architects.

  • Understand the geography of sea level rise and identify regions most likely to benefit from adaptive strategies in the next 10-25 years.
  • Be familiar with design strategies being adopted in Europe and Japan to adapt to increased rates of sea level rise and coastal flooding.
  • Understand how these strategies may be combined in geographic and cultural contexts applicable to U.S. cities.

Featured Speakers: Kristina Hill, ASLA, and Jorg Sieweke, University of Virginia; Brad McCrea, San Francisco Bay Area Conservation and Development Commission

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, GBCI, AIA, NY/HSW

Construction Management as a Business Model

Technically savvy landscape architects are finding a niche on the construction end of projects, attending to implementational details, and assuring that contractors are accountable. Learn from a firm that has profitably realized its vision of these possibilities and is willing to share this financially beneficial business model with you.

  • Learn how to diversify your work portfolio.
  • Recognize what types of firms to approach for large multi-discipline design projects.
  • Realize marketing opportunities with agencies in your city.

Featured Speakers: Annette Wilkus ASLA, LEED AP, and Andrew Caddock ASLA, LEED AP, SiteWorks LLC

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/non-HSW, AIA, FL

Green City, Clean Waters: The Philadelphia Story

Philadelphia leads the nation in green stormwater infrastructure and restoration through the strategic integration of sewer overflow. Here is your opportunity to see how a major metropolitan area’s 20-year, $1.6 billion plan deviates from conventional infrastructure approaches through an interdisciplinary approach that envisions and creates multifunctional land-based infrastructure systems.

  • Recognize the triple bottom-line benefits of a sustainability and comprehensive city-planning effort.
  • Understand the basic design principles for green stormwater infrastructure projects.
  • See how green infrastructure practices can be incorporated to achieve multiple urban program benefits.

Featured Speakers: Mark Focht, FASLA, Fairmount Park System; Mami Hara, ASLA, Wallace Roberts & Todd; Marissa Pappas Barletta, CDM

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, GBCI, AICP

Simplified Water Equation: Achieving Net Zero in the Residential Landscape

Landscape architects are already artfully integrating complex systems for optimal water use. Speakers will share their many years of designing residential rain and graywater harvesting systems that successfully eliminate the dependence on potable water sources. Their integrated, multiple-system approach to landscape hydration can help you achieve net-zero-water landscapes.

  • Quantify a total-site water budget for a home and its landscape.
  • Integrate graywater, rainwater, and irrigation systems to meet a site's water demands.
  • Comply with codes and public safety concerns.

Featured Speakers: Bill Wilson, Carlile Macy; Marilyn Crenshaw, AIA, The Green Architect; Robert Markowitz, ASLA, Earthcraft Landscape Design, Inc.

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, GBCI, AIA, FL, NY/HSW

A Secret Success: Renovating Dan Kiley's NCNB Plaza

There are exceptions to the recent rampant demolition of great works of 20th century landscape architecture. Notably, two people directly involved with the NCNB Plaza will share their experiences in the restoration of Dan Kiley's Tampa rooftop garden. See how a forgotten space was rejuvenated and preserved for future generations.

  • Meet the challenges facing modern landscapes through an exploration of Kiley's NCNB Plaza.
  • Appreciate the value of thorough historic research in preparing a restoration strategy.
  • Describe how contemporary uses and the changing urban context affect restoration of historic landscapes.

Featured Speakers: Ronald Sill ASLA, LEED AP, Reynolds, Smith Hills, Inc.; Lauren Meier, ASLA, Pressley Associates

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, FL, NY/HSW

Leveraging SketchUp and Other 3-D Models for Construction Documents

There is no end to the use of 3-D SketchUp models for site planning and design, especially when leveraging these models to save time and money. Plus, these 3-D models are readily converted to other CAD programs, which adds clarity and value for AutoCAD, Vectorworks, and other CAD software users.

  • Adjust, organize, and export SketchUp models for AutoCAD and Vectorworks.
  • Understand how to create 2D and 3D details from 3D models for construction documents.
  • Convert 3D components to AutoCAD block and VW Symbol definitions.

Featured Speakers: James Sipes, ASLA, Sand County Studios; Daniel Tal, ASLA, 3D University; Eric Gilbey, ASLA, Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/non-HSW, AICP, AIA, FL

Social Media Strategies for Landscape Architects

Social media, as popular as they have become, are at once enticing and seemingly overwhelming. This session will show you how to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the like to create and manage your social media brand. Learn to use your Web presence for marketing and day-to-day operations.

  • Identify the basic tools of social media and how to use them.
  • Understand the proper use of social media tools for maximum effect.
  • Recognize pitfalls to avoid when using social media.

Featured Speakers: Boyd Coleman, ASLA, Coleman Design Group; Brian Phelps, ASLA, Hawkins Partners, Inc.; Jason Castillo, ASLA, Ervin Lovett & Miller

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/non-HSW, FL


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