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LAAB Annual Report Summaries

Programs accredited by LAAB are required to submit reports each year providing information about the program's students, graduates, budgets, and faculty among other items. This information allows LAAB to monitor significant changes and compliance with accreditation standards. Additionally, aggregate data from the reports is used to track trends in landscape architecture education and to communicate those trends with our communities of interest. Below are the Annual Report Summaries comprised by LAAB. Also, a summary sheet is provided to show the data trends over multiple years.

LAAB 2020 Annual Report Summary
LAAB 2019 Annual Report Summary

LAAB 2018 Annual Report Summary
LAAB 2017 Annual Report Summary
LAAB 2016 Annual Report Summary
LAAB 2015 Annual Report Summary
LAAB 2014 Annual Report Summary
LAAB 2013 Annual Report Summary

2015-2019 Summary Sheet
2013-2017 Summary Sheet
2013-2015 Summary Sheet

LAAB Conducts Annual Report Webinar
LAAB Accreditation Manager, Kristopher Pritchard, conducted a webinar covering topics related to the LAAB Annual Report on Thursday, March 10, 2016. This webinar covered topics such as logging on to CiviCore, the online platform hosting the annual reports; clarification in faculty counts; clarification on updating Recommendations from previous reviews; and other best practices for programs submitting data. For those who were unable to attend the webinar, a recording of the LAAB 2016 Annual Report Webinar is available on LAAB's Website. Additionally, a recording of last year's LAAB 2015 Annual Report Webinar is still available.

LAAB Meeting Reports

LAAB Summary Report Summer 2020
LAAB Summary Report Winter 2020

LAAB Summary Report Summer 2019
LAAB Summary Report Winter 2019

LAAB Summary Report Summer 2018
LAAB Summary Report Winter 2018

LAAB Summary Report Summer 2017
LAAB Summary Report Winter 2017 

LAAB Summary Report Summer 2016  
LAAB Summary Report Winter 2016 

LAAB Summary Report Summer 2015
LAAB Summary Report Winter 2015


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