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ASLA 2015 Student General Design Award of Excellence
Imagine the Barracks of Pion: Developing the Edge of the Park of Versailles
Zheming (Taro) Cai, Associate ASLA, Graduate, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

ASLA members get discounts of up to 10 percent on landscape architecture and planning software provided by firms such as Eagle Point, CITYgreen, and Vectorworks. ASLA has also reviewed free and open-source software available to landscape architects, and provided links to download.


Land F/X, M, $

Vectorworks Landmark Software, 

Download Free or Open Source Landscape Architecture- related Software:


Google Sketch-up 3D Modeling
i-Tree - Urban forest modeler

Kerkythea - Renderer, sketch-up plugin availablez
Lands Design - Rhino landscape plug-in

Terragen Landscape modelling

Open Source Software (OSS)  

Archimedes - CAD
Blender - 3D modeling
Compiz Fusion - Composite window manager
Freemind - Idea mapping for meeting notes, brainstorming
Gimp - Image and graphics editor, alternative to Photoshop.
Grass - Geographic Information System (GIS)
Inkscape - Vector graphics editor, similar to Adobe Illustrator
Scribus - Desktop publisher, similar to Adobe InDesign and Quark Express
QCad - CAD