Land Kit

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Land Kit is a free plug-in for Rhino and Grasshopper that makes computational design for landscape architecture easier. And we have only just begun adding features. Start creating workflows that will speed up your 3D Modeling, Design, and Visualization processes and develop more efficient and fluid workflows. 

Many of Land Kit’s transformative features are FREE to all. Additional game-changing features are also available with a Pro Key.

Get Land Kit free features today. See below for Pro pricing.

Topo Kit

Topo Kit is a Grasshopper plugin created to make topographic concept design more sensible. By easily creating and modifying features in the landscape that help to define topography you can avoid the sticky problem of creating and recreating models (and designs) with contour drawings. Traditionally, 3D modeled landscapes required contours to construct, but Topo Kit provides various new methods to building topography allowing for a rapid and more iterative design process. Contours can then become a byproduct of your work and not the other way around.


  • Topographic Meshes from any combination of spots, breaklines, features, and even contours
  • Topographic features: Walls, Curbs, Stairs, Paths, 
  • Topographic Analysis: Slope, Elevation

Pro Features

  • Topo Mods: Selective Modifications + Smoothing
  • Plan Areas: Collage, project, and draw (as surfaces or meshes)
  • Advanced Features and Feature Mods: Variable sloped paths, Curb cuts, etc
  • Cut+Fill Analysis

Plant Kit

Plant Kit is a Grasshopper plugin that uses a parametric, data-driven approach to site-specific planting design. By encoding the complexity of matching plants to place and plants to design goals in an algorithmic workflow, Plant Kit reduces the number of parameters designers need to keep in mind. The increased ease and speed of this ecologically sensitive design enables more iterative workflows, making it possible to test diverse approaches and hone in on bolder and more creative ideas. 


  • Constraint-based placement
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Constrained-base fill
  • Plant Data import (CSV)
  • Input plants with a spreadsheet 
  • Live schedules 

Pro Features  

  • Bloom Calendar and Animation
  • Age Visualization
  • Constrained-based Pattern fill
  • Data saving
  • Advanced Environments: Image-based, Upslope Area, Restriction gradients
  • Advanced Niches 

Paving Kit

Paving Kit is a Grasshopper plugin for making paving design easier. By defining areas, patterns, and color rules, Paving Kit will help with drafting and modeling your paving design. Paving Kit stands out by creating smooth patterns and custom pavers which process relatively quickly, translating designs into 3D space while maintaining their dimensions allowing for accurate visualization of a paving area. Its applications to paving, façade design, planting patterns and more make Paving Kit a powerful tool for any pattern designer.


  • Standard Patterns
  • Standard Color Rules
  • Trim pavers 

Pro Features  

  • Custom, Modular, and Tessellated Patterns
  • Image Color Rule
  • Visualization tools

Pricing for ASLA Members:

Individual Pro Key $600 – ASLA DISCOUNT $540

Floating Pro Key $1200 – ASLA DISCOUNT $1080

To purchase with a discount, please email with your ASLA member # handy.





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