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ExpoASLA 2020 Professional General Design Honor Award. Hunter's Point South Waterfront Park Phase II: A New Urban Ecology. Long Island City, NY. SWA/BALSLEY and WEISS/MANFREDI with ARUP / copyright Vecerka/ESTO, courtesy SWA/BALSLEY and WEISS/MANFREDI  

"The climate and biodiversity crises offer landscape architects enormous opportunities to help communities transform. We will use our unique skills and talents to enable communities to become healthier, by drawing down carbon, restoring ecosystems, and reducing dependence on vehicles. We will listen to all communities, and particularly underserved and historically marginalized communities, and put equity at the center of this transformation." -- ASLA President Eugenia Martin, FASLA

To realize its 2022-2024 Strategic Plan and past Climate Action commitments, ASLA is creating an ambitious Climate Action Plan, which will be released November 11-14 at the ASLA 2022 Conference on Landscape Architecture in San Francisco. 

The plan is now being developed by a diverse, intergenerational Task Force led by Pamela Conrad, ASLA, Founder of Climate Positive Design, and comprised of five member climate leaders.

The goals, objectives, and action items of the plan are also shaped by an Advisory Group of 16 diverse climate leaders, who are based in 12 U.S. states and two countries and in private and public practice and academia.

The plan will outline a bold vision for equitable climate progress by 2040 and also direct ASLA climate programs and investments through 2025. Then, future task forces will update the plan every five years beginning in 2025 until 2040 with additional goals, objectives, and actions.

As a companion to the plan, the Task Force and Advisory Group are also developing a resource just for ASLA members, which will help lead members, firms, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and corporate partners that are part of the profession to undertake greater climate action.

Later this summer, ASLA will share more details on the vision and high-level goals of the plan.

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