Climate Action Videos and Discussion Guides

At the ASLA 2022 Conference on Landscape Architecture in San Francisco, ASLA launched its Climate Action Plan and Climate Action Field Guide for ASLA Members.

Now is the opportunity to advance climate action work in 2023:

Step 1) Get the Big Picture   

Watch a 13-minute overview of the vision and goals of the plan by ASLA CEO Torey Carter-Conneen during the ASLA Conference opening general session:  


Step 2) Explore the Scale and Scope

Watch a 60-min presentation on the three goals and six key initiatives of the Climate Action Plan and Climate Action Field Guide for ASLA Members:

Speakers: ASLA Task Force Chair Pamela Conrad, ASLA, and Task Force Members Diane Jones Allen, FASLA; José M. Almiñana, FASLA; Sarah Fitzgerald, ASLA; and Vaughn Rinner, FASLA.


Also available is a 90-min in-depth discussion on successful climate advocacy strategies at the local, state, and federal levels:

Speakers: Aida Curtis, ASLA, Climate Action Committee Member; Sarah Fitzgerald, ASLA, Climate Action Plan Task Force Member; and Dalton LaVoie, ASLA.


Step 3) Dive into the Details

Take time to read through the ASLA Climate Action Plan, which will guide ASLA’s climate priorities and programs through 2025.

And the Climate Action Field Guide for ASLA Members, which provides a rich set of tools and resources you can use in your projects and operations.  

Step 4) Start Your Planning

Use these member-only discussion guides and additional resources to kick-start your climate action planning for 2023:

Step 5) Get Involved in the ASLA Climate Action Network Through Your Chapter

ASLA Members: Tell us about your progress by emailing info@asla.org. We’ll share out via ASLA social channels the most impactful member and chapter stories we hear.

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