Climate Action Field Guide for ASLA Members

ExpoASLA 2016 Professional Residential Design Honor Award. The Restoring of a Montane Landscape. Rocky Mountains, Colorado. Design Workshop, Inc. / D.A. Horchner, Design Workshop, Inc.

In the Climate Action Field Guide for ASLA Members, you will find explore metrics for success for three key goals:

  • Practice: Scaling up Climate Positive Approaches
  • Equity: Empowering Communities
  • Advocacy: Building Coalitions

For each of the plan’s six key initiatives, you can explore key climate actions to take:

  • On your own
  • With your firm / organization
  • And with your community

You can also explore 18 strategies, which provide guidance on how to:

  • Design Climate Positive Landscapes
  • Design Pedestrian, Cyclist, and Public Transit-Centric Communities
  • Reduce Energy Use and Support Renewables
  • Help Communities Adapt to Climate Impacts
  • Protect and Increase Biodiversity
  • Incorporate Responsible Land Management Practices
  • Support Regenerative Local Agriculture and Increase Food Security
  • Build Community
  • Use Communication Tools and Techniques
  • Explore Pathways to Financial Sustainability with Communities
  • Learn from Indigenous Communities Through Collaboration
  • Show Respect Through Land Acknowledgements
  • Plan and Design Project Work with Indigenous Peoples
  • Engage the Public
  • Work with Elected Officials and Public Servants
  • Support Employee Health and Well-Being
  • Build Climate Coalitions
  • Embody the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 

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ASLA Members: Please submit your feedback about the Field Guide to We will provide your input to the ASLA Climate Action Plan Task Force, Advisory Group, and Climate Action Committee.  

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