Climate Action Plan Task Force

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Chair: Pamela Conrad, ASLA, PLA, LEED AP

Principal, CMG Landscape Architecture, and Founder, Climate Positive Design
San Francisco, California

Pamela is a landscape architect and climate advocate with 20 years of experience improving the social and ecological impacts of the built environment. Her Midwestern farm upbringing and science background drives her mission to increase access to equitable and resilient climate change solutions through design. Learn more about Pamela.

Diane Jones Allen, FASLA, D. Eng., PLA

Director, Program in Landscape Architecture, University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), and Principal Landscape Architect, DesignJones, LLC
Arlington, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana

Diane works to fulfill the UTA program's mission of advancing design and planning solutions for environmental resiliency, urban place making, and quality of life. Her research and practice use the history and culture of vulnerable communities as an effective tool for ecological protection and climate adaptation.

José M. Almiñana, FASLA, SITES AP, LEED AP

Principal, Andropogon Associates, Ltd.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

José is a Principal with Andropogon Associates, a firm known for its ecological design approach. His groundbreaking projects, public service, and trans-disciplinary collaborations have been instrumental in the development of industry-wide standards and landscape performance metrics, positioning landscape architects at the core of the sustainability and regenerative design movements and solutions to our social and environmental challenges.

Sarah Fitzgerald, ASLA

Designer, SWA Group
Dallas, Texas

Sarah’s research and design work, which includes climate-forward master planning, healthcare, and stormwater parks, reflects her conviction that public space design plays an indispensable role in advancing environmental justice and tackling the climate crisis. With a background in policy and systems-thinking analysis, she advocates for the necessity of landscape architects’ voice in shaping environmental policies and is passionate about leveraging firm work to address the climate crisis.

Vaughn Rinner, FASLA, PLA

Seattle, Washington

Vaughn is a landscape architect and climate action leader with over 45 years of design and planning experience. She is a past president of the ASLA, served as the facilitator of the ASLA Blue Ribbon Panel on Climate Change and Resilience, and was the first chair of the ASLA Climate Action Committee.


ASLA National Team 

Katie Riddle, ASLA, Director, Professional Practice
Jared Green, Senior Communications Manager 
Roxanne Blackwell, Hon. ASLA, Director, Federal Government Affairs
Matthew Gallagher, Coordinator, Grassroots
Elizabeth Hebron, Hon. ASLA, Director, State Government Affairs
Tom McCrary, Strategic Advisor 
Curt Millay, ASLA, Corporate Secretary 
Caleb Raspler, Manager, Federal Government Affairs 


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