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Landscape Architecture: A Solution to the Climate Crisis

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Since its founding in 1899, ASLA has promoted sustainable land use planning and design, the conservation of critical land and water resources, and the protection of biodiversity, which supports all life on Earth. In the past few decades, ASLA and its 15,000 members have become more active proponents of planning and designing nature-based solutions to both mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and help communities adapt to a changing climate. Landscape architects plan and design smart climate solutions that work for all communities. See ASLA public policies that shape our advocacy work.

ASLA’s members agree to a code of environmental ethics, which states that members will make “every effort within our sphere of influence to enhance, respect, and restore the life-sustaining integrity of the landscape for all living things.”  

The Kresge Foundation analyzed more than 30 professional societies and found ASLA to be one of just nine organizations that have “adopted a holistic approach” to educating the public about climate change “that includes adaptation, mitigation, and the explicit consideration of social justice.” Read the report.


We Are Still In Declaration

In 2018, ASLA became one of 63 cultural institutions to sign the We Are Still In Declaration. Some 3,800 leaders representing 70 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) and 65 percent of the population have signed the declaration, committing to the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement and America’s contribution to it.


Policy Recommendations

Smart Policies for a Changing Climate

In 2017, ASLA convened a panel of leading landscape architects and representatives from allied professions, which resulted in a report that offers 36 policy recommendations across five areas to federal, state, and local policy-makers. Six core planning and design principles guide the recommendations.


Case Studies

Easy to understand case studies outline how landscape architects plan and design nature-based solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase communities' resilience to climate shocks. The case studies were made possible through multiple grants from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).

Smart Policies for a Changing Climate: Case Studies  

Explore 30 case studies that demonstrate how landscape architects plan and design with nature to help communities become more resilient to sea level rise, flooding, extreme heat, and wildfires.


Designing Our Future: Sustainable Landscapes

Sustainable planning and design, which preserves, develops, and enhances natural resource for future generations, is the basis of any climate solution. Explore 40 case studies that have moved sustainable landscape planning and design forward.


Professional and Student Awards

ASLA professional awards honor the best of the landscape architecture profession. The ASLA Student Awards honor the best creative work of emerging leaders in the profession. Explore hundreds of award winners from 2019 to 2005 that improved the sustainability and resilience of communities around the world.

ASLA Professional Awards

Browse and search for best practice planning and design solutions around the world.


ASLA Student Awards

Browse and search for creative plans, designs, and community service projects.


Resource Guides

ASLA's popular resources guides highlight the solutions landscape architects plan and design with communities and include links to hundreds of vetted projects, case studies, and reports. The guides are rooted in ASLA's public policies, and many are shaped by advisory groups of leading landscape architects.

Climate Change Mitigation

Resilient Design


Green Infrastructure




Sustainable Residential Design


Sustainable Urban Development



ASLA's publications have covered how landscape architects plan and design climate solutions for more than a decade. Explore hundreds of articles and interviews.


Federal Advocacy

Guided by the policy priorities of ASLA's members, ASLA's Government Affairs team has been a strong advocate on Capitol Hill for legislation that makes communities more resilient to climate change. ASLA also advocates for climate-smart policies and regulations to a range of Federal agencies. Current legislative priorities include: the Living Shorelines Act, Safeguarding America's Future and Environment (SAFE) Act, and the Environmental Justice Act.



ASLA educates the public, K-12 students and teachers, and its members on the ecological, social, and economic impacts of the climate crisis. Educational resources created by members focus on how to plan and design real-world solutions that increase sustainability while making communities more resilient to change.

Sketchup Animations and Companion Educational Guides


Explore SketchUp Animations

Explore Educational Resource Guides (K-12)

With the NEA's support, ASLA produced a series of 10 short educational SketchUp animations with Daniel Tal, ASLA, on landscape planning and design solutions to climate change. Each has a companion educational guide featuring games, curricula, and other resources for K-12 teachers and students.


ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture

Annual Conference

Explore ASLA Conference Educational Sessions

Approximately 25 percent of ASLA member-created educational sessions relate to climate change, resilience, and sustainability.


ASLA Online Learning

Online Learning

Explore Online Learning

Approximately 30 percent of ASLA member-created webinars relate to climate change, resilience, and sustainability.



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