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Watch how Richard Jones, ASLA, president of Mahan Rykiel Associates, led a unique partnership with Francis Scott Key Middle School to support the school's STEM-based environmental education curriculum with Project Birdland. See how other members are becoming part of a movement to introduce young audiences to landscape architecture with #ASLACareerDiscovery, Investing in the Next Generation of Design Thinkers and Innovators.    

#iPledgeASLADiversity Social Media Series

During the 2018 Diversity Summit, attendees developed the iPledgeASLADiversity campaign as an opportunity to:

  • Share commitments to action made by Summit attendees,
  • Support ASLA’s strategic objective to Shape the Future of Landscape Architecture and Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Profession,
  • Show ASLA members, firm leaders and others strategies to support or design diversity and inclusion efforts in their organizations, and
  • Highlight ASLA resources.

Each week, the series features efforts made by Summit attendees on Twitter and Instagram. Join us! Take the pledge! Commit to diversity and inclusion, and share using #iPledgeASLADiversity.

About the Diversity Summit

In 2013, ASLA convened its first Diversity Summit with the goal of developing a deeper understanding of why landscape architecture is failing to attract a more diverse profile. Each summit has brought together a group of experienced and emerging landscape architects who identify as African American or Latinx to develop strategies that address diversity issues in the field.

In 2017, the Diversity SuperSummit convened the largest group of attendees to date. Participants evaluated goals from previous summits, developed focus areas for four key diversity initiatives to guide ASLA’s work plan in the coming year, and discussed the future of the Diversity Summit. Focus items and initiatives will continue to be established and evaluated as ASLA plans future Summits. The following includes links to resources, news and articles, and Summit reports published since the first Diversity Summit convened in 2013.

The Case for Diversity

Population growth of people of color in the United States has outpaced that of white Americans for the past two decades, and by 2043 the U.S. Census Bureau projects the nation to become a majority-minority nation. The shifting demographics of our nation are not reflected in the field of landscape architecture where African Americans and Latinx together account for 17 percent of graduating landscape architecture students. New perspectives are needed to ensure that landscape architecture reflects the communities it serves.

Career Discovery and Diversity Presentation Slides  

Due to the growing number of requests for information to share on ASLA’s Career Discovery and Diversity (CD&D) efforts, ASLA has created a slide deck that can be tailored for committee meetings presentations. Equipped with talking points, the presentation highlights the CD&D connection to ASLA’s strategic plan, programs, new partnerships, and much more using engaging images and short videos. Access the slides here.

If you are in need of PowerPoint slides for K-12 classroom settings, feel free to access the files below:

If you have questions or recommendations for slide content, email ASLA’s Career Discovery and Diversity Manager at


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Diversity Summit Resources

Presentations from 2018 Diversity Summit



Action Items Taken Resulting from Summits (presented at 2017 Diversity SuperSummit)

Your Path to Landscape Architecture: A brochure was created in 2013 to introduce the profession to junior high and high school guidance counselors, with an ask that ASLA members personally deliver them to under-represented schools. Since then, ASLA has received some 250 commitments from chapters, members, and students to do so, and we still are distributing it.

Mirroring the Nation: Landscape Architecture and the Future of the Profession: In 2015, the Presidents’ Council, comprised of allied landscape architecture organizations, drafted and signed a joint commitment to diversity and has stepped up efforts on several fronts.

Diverse Voices: Marking the first Diversity Summit in 2013, ASLA filmed and edited videos of the original participants in two films. Links of these videos were shared with all Landscape Architecture program chairs and ASLA Chapter leadership to adopt for their own use, and posted to the ASLA career discovery webpage. To date, they have received several thousand views.

Designing for Diversity and Diversity in Design: Summit discussions assisted in organizing one of two General Sessions at the 2016 Annual Meeting and EXPO in New Orleans focused on diversity.


LAND Coverage of ASLA's Diversity Summits

Diversity News - Image Credit:

Diversity SuperSummit Works to Set Action Plan and Future Summit Agendas (2017)

ASLA Highlights Career Discovery Initiatives During African American History Month

Diversity Summit Sets 2017 Action Plan (2016)

ASLA Diversity Summit Convenes (2015)

2014 Diversity Summit Convenes in D.C. (2014)

2013 Diversity Summit Sets Direction for the Year (2013)

Latino Landscape Architects Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

ASLA News Releases

Diversity News - Image Credit:

ASLA Launches Diversity SuperSummit Report and Online Resources

La ASLA divulga informe de supercumbre sobre la diversidad y estrena recursos digitales

6 Reasons Why K-12 Hispanic Students Should Discover Landscape Architecture

Seis razones por las cuales los estudiantes hispanos desde el jardín hasta el grado 12 deben descubrir la arquitectura paisajista

Celebrating Seven Leaders of Landscape Architecture During African American History Month

6 Latino American Landscape Architects in the Spotlight for National Hispanic Heritage Month

Seis arquitectos paisajistas latinoamericanos bajo los reflectores en este Mes de la Herencia Nacional Hispana

Black History Month a Time to Highlight ASLA’s Diversity Initiative

Seven Surprising Facts about African American Landscape Architect David Williston  

Landscape Architecture Magazine

Diversity News - Image Credit:

Ears to the Ground by Timothy A. Schuler

Walter Hood's (Extra)Ordinary Witness by Zach Mortice

A Thousand Moving Parts by Jonathan Lerner

Seed Money by Timothy A. Schuler

Start Your Engines by Kevan Williams

Wary of Change by Nate Berg

East Harlem Holds Its Own by Timothy A. Schuler

Into an Era of Landscape Humanism by Gina Ford

Planting Civil Rights by Sonja Dümpelmann

The Connector by Adam Regn Arvidson, FASLA

What to Listen For by Katarina Katsma, ASLA

The Chavis Conversion by Jonathan Lerner

Black Landscapes Matter by Jennifer Reut

What Might Unite Ferguson by Zach Mortice

Detroit from the Ground Up by Jennifer Reut

Unearthed and Unforgotten by Jonathan Lerner


Diversity Summit Reports

Diversity Reports - Image Credit:

2019 Diversity Summit Report 

 2018 Diversity Summit Report

2018 Diversity Summit Summary

2017 Diversity SuperSummit Report

2017 Diversity SuperSummit Summary

2017 Super Cumbre de Diversidad: Resumen 

2016 Diversity Summit Report

2015 Diversity Summit Report

2014 Diversity Summit Report

2013 Diversity Summit Report

Need More Information?

DiversityContact - Image Credit:

Please direct inquiries to Lisa J. Jennings, Career Discovery and Diversity Manager at or call 202-216-2376.


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