Diversity Summit Webinar Series

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Launched in 2019, the Diversity Summit webinar series is designed to support and advance the work of ASLA’s passionate leaders dedicated to building a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable workforce. The best practices, DE&I initiatives, and collaborations featured in this series grew from the Diversity Summit community and serve to deepen learning while providing leadership through virtual platforms of knowledge.

This webinar series builds on a series of deep dialogues held over the seven-year history of ASLA’s annual Diversity Summit. Webinar topics reflect ASLA’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, while reinforcing the over-arching goal of the Diversity Summit: to develop a deeper understanding of why landscape architecture is failing to attract a more diverse profile.

Each webinar is designed to promote long-term strategies to design, implement and sustain successful DE&I programs and initiatives within ASLA chapters and landscape architecture firms. Webinar themes will address K-12 outreach programing, DE&I in the profession, uncovering hidden talent pools, workforce development skills for emerging and diverse professionals, and more.

Past Webinar Recordings
  • Allies, Advocates, and Stakeholders: Building Up Women in Landscape Architecture - With the gender gap in landscape architecture as significant as ever, especially widening in the progression to leadership, it is increasingly critical for women to have opportunities for leadership development. This session explores the role of allies, advocates, and stakeholders and the global benefits of empowering women in leadership.
  • Designing for Inclusion - Presenters Alisha Hammett, ASLA and Carl Runge, ASLA, co-chairs of the new ASLA Colorado Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, discuss the committee’s origins, activities, and tips for other ASLA chapters that may be interested in launching their own diversity committees.
  •  Latin American Landscapes - Presenter Gabriel Díaz Montemayor, ASLA, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture-Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design-University of Arkansas, discusses the shaping of contemporary Latin American Landscapes including an examination of social, cultural and environmental conditions as reflected in the built realm.

Coming Soon

  • Chinatowns of America 
  • Dear Chinatown, DC 
  • Portsmouth Square Renovation
  • The Future of American Chinatowns 

Additional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&) online learning resources can be accessed on ASLA's Online Learning web page under Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.



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