Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As a profession and as an organization, we strive to be representative and reflective of the communities we serve. Unfortunately, the reality has not yet caught up to the ambition.

About 18 percent of the U.S. population identifies as Hispanic or Latino, while only 10 percent of landscape architects and 4 percent of ASLA members do the same. About 14 percent of the population identifies as African American, but only 3 percent of landscape architects and just over 1 percent of ASLA members do.

Closing the gaps requires concentrated efforts on all sides. ASLA is committed to fostering equity and inclusion within our profession, membership, staff, and leadership. Here is just some of the work we're doing to make that happen.  

Diversity involves celebrating difference based on gender, race, sexual orientation, sexual identity, culture, or ethnicity. Equity is defined as fairness, and inclusion means "for all people."

Would you like to get involved? Please contact Lisa J. Jennings, Manager, Career Discovery and Diversity at ASLA, at 202-216-2376 or discover@asla.org


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