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Landscape Architecture Magazine articles on diversity, equity, and inclusion

The Final Hill by Zach Mortice

The Schoolyard Is Sick by Jane Margolies

Present Park, Future Forest by Timothy A. Schuler

Processing through Play
by Jeff Link

Where the Water Was
by Ann Raver

Welcome Home
by Jonathan Lerner

Ears to the Ground
by Timothy A. Schuler

Walter Hood's (Extra) Ordinary Witness
by Zach Mortice

A Thousand Moving Parts
by Jonathan Lerner

Seed Money
by Timothy A. Schuler

Start Your Engines
by Kevan Williams

Wary of Change
by Nate Berg

East Harlem Holds Its Own
by Timothy A. Schuler

Into an Era of Landscape Humanism
by Gina Ford

Planting Civil Rights
by Sonja Dümpelmann

The Connector
by Adam Regn Arvidson, FASLA

What to Listen For
by Katarina Katsma, ASLA

The Chavis Conversion
by Jonathan Lerner

Black Landscapes Matter
by Jennifer Reut

What Might Unite Ferguson
by Zach Mortice

Detroit from the Ground Up
by Jennifer Reut

Unearthed and Unforgotten
by Jonathan Lerner

The Dirt articles

Gallaudet University Designs for the Deaf Community, but Everyone Benefits

As Cities Grow, Remember the Communities That Were Destroyed
The Case for Quality Public Spaces for All

Faced with Climate Impacts, Communities Turn to Green Infrastructure

A New, Inclusive Civic Center for San Francisco

Participatory Design Must Evolve

Mt. Umunhum: Restoring the Spiritual Home of the Amah Mutsun
Medellin Is Healing Itself with Social Urbanism
Interview with Hitesh Mehta: The Spiritual Side of Sustainability
Building Real-World Community with Minecraft
NYC Is Building a Fairer Park System

To Create a Sense of Belong, Embrace Cultural Diversity

Building Community Through Equitable and Inclusive Parks

How to Combat Gentrification

What Do Seniors Need in Parks?

Parks + Community = Innovation

Ending Code Talk about Gentrification
To Survive Climate Change, Coastal Cities Need Strong Communities
Unity Park Anchors Equitable Development in Greenville

Designing for the Other Four Senses

Ethical Design Practices May Help Slow Gentrification

Let’s Make Our Parks More Inclusive

A Vision for Equitable Community Development

Harvard’s Black in Design Conference: Addressing Social Injustice with Design

Is Urban Revitalization without Gentrification Possible?

Sensory Overload: How People with Autism Experience the World
Jane Jacobs: The Case for Diversity

Resilient Design for Low-income Communities

ASLA Interviews: Discussions with diverse planners and landscape architects on how to co-design with diverse communities

Interview with Diane Jones Allen, FASLA, on How to Partner with Diverse Communities

Interview with Ignacio Bunster-Ossa: The New Geography of Green Infrastructure in Philadelphia  

Kona Gray, ASLA, on Greening Tourism

Interview with Mia Lehrer, FASLA, on Community Engagement in Design

Interview with Toody Maher, founder of Pogo Park, on Community Development

Interview with Hitesh Mehta, FASLA, on the Spiritual Side of Sustainability

Interview with Mitchell Silver on NYC’s Equitable Park System



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