Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture

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ASLA is committed to advancing the diversity, equity, and inclusion culture of landscape architecture, where diverse voices are active in all aspects of our profession. Landscape architects improve the livability and viability of communities through the practice of thoughtful and inclusive design.

The following sessions are included in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion education track of the 2020 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture:


ASLA Diversity Summit Presenters at the 2020 Conference on Landscape Architecture

We are pleased to announce that a number of members from ASLA’s Diversity Summit community will be presenting at the 2020 Conference on Landscape Architecture.

Friday, October 2

Roberto J. Rovira, ASLA
Associate Professor / Principal, Florida International University / Studio Roberto Rovira

Roberto Rovira

FS-006 - Meet the Grower: A Nursery Tour Through the Redland Agricultural District

Join local practitioners in touring plant nurseries throughout the Redland Agricultural District. Field session leaders provide in-depth conversations, discussing how materials are incorporated into the landscape design, how to build relationships with nurseries and contract growers, and ways to expose visitors to the plant biodiversity within this billion-dollar industry.


Richard Alomar, ASLA
Associate Professor, Rutgers University

Richard Alomar

FS-013 - Sketch Miami Beach! Urban Watercolor

Join fellow drawing enthusiasts for a day of sketching in Miami Beach. The special focus is using watercolor as a tool for field sketching. Bring your favorite drawing and watercolor materials and comfortable walking shoes. Handmade watercolor sketchbooks will be provided. Participants’ sketchbooks will be displayed at ASLA Central.


Diana Fernandez, ASLA
Associate, SASAKI

Diana Fernandez

FRI-D03 - Alternative Futures: Polychromatic Musings on the Future of Public Space

Our future is one of inherent multiplicity and difference. Communities all around the country are looking for public space designs that represent their identities. Through active discussion, this panel will explore how city agencies, nonprofits, and design firm leaders are responding to the future of public space.


Darneka Waters, ASLA
Planner, Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation

Darneka Waters

WS-001 - The LARE Experience: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Looking to start taking the LARE? Come explore the LARE exam content and format for Sections 1, 2, and 3, as well as study strategies. The workshop features a panel discussion with practitioners who have recently passed the exam who will share the secrets to their success.


Saturday, October 3

Breeze Outlaw, Associate ASLA
Landscape Designer, Sasaki Design & Blackscapes

Breeze Outlaw

SAT-A06 - Design Activism: Uplifting Black and Immigrant Leadership in American Public Space Design

This panel introduces leading voices who employ design activism in their work within black and immigrant communities in the United States. Participants will learn about how community design processes can be employed to celebrate the outstanding historical and cultural contribution of black and immigrant communities.


Ujijji Davis, ASLA
Associate, SmithGroup

Ujijji Davis

SAT-B03 - Landscape Heritage: Revealing Invisible Landscapes

The study and amplification of cultural landscapes offer practitioners and students new opportunities to understand the impact of uncovering historic landscapes and landscape strategies to reflect multi-cultural stories and histories that promote more inclusive and creative placemaking.


Gloria Lau, ASLA
Senior Landscape Architect, Stantec

Gloria Lau

SAT-C02 - Climate Justice: The Social and Public Health Implications of Climate Change

Beyond damages to the ecological and built environments, climate change has severe social and health impacts on vulnerable populations. An interdisciplinary team examines mitigation and adaptive resilience strategies through the lenses of climate justice and social cohesion, supported by their work and research in landscape architecture, planning, and public health.


Patricia Algara, ASLA
Principal, BASE Landscape Architecture

Patricia Algara

SAT-C06 - Latinas in Leadership

Dive into three distinct Latina-led firms and candidly explore the firms’ origin stories, setbacks, big breaks, and personal moments of opposition and triumph that led to founding and running design-forward, empathetic, and mission-based businesses. These practices range from small to large, showcasing the leadership that exists in the Latinx community.


Kona A. Gray, FASLA
Principal, EDSA

Kona Gray

DD-SAT-006 - Drawing Still Matters: Hands-On Exploration into Drawing’s Value in Landscape Architecture

Come draw with us. Join us for a hands-on workshop building on last year’s Drawing Matters session. We will work together to explore the value of drawing in your design process and communication.


Sunday, October 4

Luis F. González, ASLA
Land Entitlements Manager, Lennar

Luis Gonzalez

SUN-A10 - Landscape Architects Save Retail: How to Save Retail Through Design

Since the Great Recession, streets and communities have been blighted by empty storefronts and malls. Landscape architects have found a way to save retail by creating authentic, vibrant public spaces. This session will discuss how to create both resilient, experience-based retail and platforms for community expression and social interaction.


Kona A. Gray, FASLA
Principal, EDSA

Kona Gray

SUN-A04 - Why We Should Sketch: The Value of Hand Graphics in Design Communication

In an era in which digital tools dominate, what role should hand graphics play in design communication? Sketching remains essential to the practice of landscape architecture especially for ideation, visualization, and collaboration. Through case-studies and audience-engagement exercises, this session provides insights and strategies to integrate sketching in the design process.


Gabriel Diaz Montemayor, ASLA
Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Arkansas / LABor Studio

Gabriel Diaz Montemayor

SUN-A05 - Shaping a Latin American Landscape Architectural Profession and Education

Landscape architecture is an emerging profession in Latin America, but current socio-ecological crises have increased interest in the profession, both within academia and without. This session will discuss how three practitioner-academics, building from their experiences in Latin America, convened to craft an academic landscape architecture program for the Americas.


Andrew Sargeant, ASLA
Landscape Designer, Lionhheart Places

Andrew Sargeant

SUN-B08 - Mythbusters: Debunking Misconceptions About Technology Adoption in Modern Landscape Architecture Practice

History has shown that technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we think, design, and work, but adopting new technologies can seem daunting. Uncover some of the common myths keeping firms from the cutting edge, and learn scalable solutions to bolster your practice.


Kona A. Gray, FASLA
Principal, EDSA

Kona Gray

SUN-C01 - Inside the LA Studio with EDSA

Celebrating 60 years of practice, EDSA looks to the future to build upon a legacy that has redefined landscape architects as influencers of global stewardship, responsible land development, and innovative design. Through project works and a culture of collaboration, the 145-person firm is committed to a continuous evolution of creating purposeful places and healthy environments.


Monday, October 5

Anita Bueno, ASLA
Landscape Architect and Feldenkrais Practitioner, Bueno Movement & Design

Anita Bueno

DD-MON-010 - Creativity Unleashed: Harnessing the Mind-body Connection to Bolster the Creative Process

Why do we often find ourselves out of ideas when a creative solution is sorely needed? How can we access our deep creativity while working on a deadline? This workshop will interactively explore the mind-body connection to discover techniques for tapping into our creative potential when we need it most.


For additional information, please see the full conference schedule.

For more information on ASLA’s Diversity Summit, visit asla.org/diversitysummit or contact Lisa J. Jennings, Manager, Career Discovery and Diversity, at discover@asla.org.


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