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landfx_2013Land F/X is professional-grade software specifically designed for Landscape Architects and Irrigation Designers, being offered to all ASLA members at a discount through an agreement with ASLA. Whether you are already a Land F/X client, or are making a first purchase in order to improve your business, you can enjoy these great ASLA member savings.  The software works seamlessly within AutoCAD (or with F/X CAD). It automates all aspects of Planting, Irrigation, and Hardscape plans with calculation tools, error checking, and content libraries. Make AutoCAD easy with Land F/X!

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Land F/X

Land F/X's Planting Design is organized for complete accuracy, flexibility, and detail control so that you can concentrate on the art of the design process.
Never count plants again!

Rely on complete error checking and automatic quantities, all with an amazing graphic flexibility.

Graphic flexibility to express your design the way you want. Let the system take care of the counting, symbols, layers, and all the little details, allowing you to spend more time on the design process.

Complete planting software from conceptual plans to construction documents, with 3-D visualization. Includes all of the Design F/X site, hardscape, and graphic tools.

• 20,000 plant database
• Thousands of plant symbols
• Automatic plant quantities
• Advanced label system
• Flexible and instant schedules
• 3-D visualization with a direct SketchUp™ Connection

Irrigation F/X

Irrigation F/X is the most advanced irrigation design software in the world.  From a complete database from every major manufacturer, to an extensive symbol library, error checking at every step, and advanced pipe sizing for any size system, Irrigation F/X gives you the peace of mind of an accurate design.
Focus on the design, let us worry about the calculations!
Complete irrigation design software from schematic design to construction documents. Includes all of the Land F/X planting features as well as the Design F/X tools.
• Data from over 35 manufacturers with over 6,000 models of equipment
• 2,000+ irrigation symbols
• Complete hydraulic analysis
• Automatic pipe sizing
• Extensive schedules and reports
• Quantity takeoffs
• Includes all Land F/X planting features as well as all Design F/X tools

SketchUp Connection

Many landscape architects are turning to SketchUp these days to visualize their designs in 3-D for their clients these days. With the growing popularity of this easy to use 3-D design program the developers at Land F/X have decided that their SketchUp Connection should be at the front line of SketchUp and Landscape design.

Land F/X's initial SketchUp connection was first developed in 2006, to automatically place 3D plants in SketchUp to match their placement in AutoCAD. It has been updated annually, until this most recent update where it was completely rewritten to satisfy multiple requirements: Now able to run on both PC and Mac SketchUp; Able to work by itself in SketchUp, without AutoCAD or Land F/X installed; Ability to update itself with periodic updates; Improved interface design for accessing plant and site amenity database, placing them into the model, editing, and creating a legend complete with quantities.

• Single button click transfer a layer
• Access a library of nearly 30,000 plants

• Assign them one of our nearly 2,000 low-polygon components or browse to one of your own
• Access our database of site amenities from several manufacturers

• Place plants and site amenities in SketchUp and even generate a quantity list

• Synchronize your design between AutoCAD and SketchUp

Pricing for ASLA Members:

Land F/X $1,295 – ASLA DISCOUNT $995
Irrigation F/X $2,995  -- ASLA DISCOUNT $2,495

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