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PPN Council

The PPN council consists of the chairs of all PPNs. The PPN council meets quarterly via conference call to discuss matters of interest to all PPNs.

The council chair is a past chair from one of the PPNs. The council chair designate and the council's immediate past chair also sit on the council. In addition, the vice president for professional practice is the council's liaison to the ASLA executive committee.

Council Leadership

Council of Professional Practice Networks, Chair
Keven Graham, FASLA  

Council of Professional Practice Networks, Chair Designate
Kristina Snyder, ASLA

Council of Professional Practice Networks, Immediate Past Chair
Jay Gehler, ASLA 

Vice President of Professional Practice
Hunter Beckham, FASLA  

PPN Leadership Teams

Campus Planning and Design

David Cutter, ASLA, Chair

Children's Outdoor Environments

Chad Kennedy, ASLA, Co-Chair  

Amy Wagenfeld, Affiliate ASLA, Co-Chair

Lisa Horne, ASLA, Officer and Past Co-Chair  

Julie Johnson, ASLA, Officer and Past Co-Chair

Ilisa Goldman, ASLA, Webinar Coordinator

Brenna Castro, ASLA, Communications Coordinator

Liz Dafoe, ASLA, LinkedIn Coordinator

Kenneth Hurst, ASLA, Officer

Shannon Mikus, Associate ASLA, Officer

Kurt Van Dexter, ASLA, Officer

Audrey West, ASLA, Officer

Ann Dinthongsai, Associate ASLA, Officer


Tim Garland, ASLA, Co-Chair

Chris Miracle, ASLA, Co-Chair

Digital Technology

Ryan Deane, ASLA, Co-Chair

Matthew Wilkins, Associate ASLA, Co-Chair

Ecology and Restoration

Bob Oberdorfer, ASLA, Co-Chair

Nicole Stern, ASLA, Co-Chair

Chris Loftus, ASLA, The Field/Newsletter Coordinator

Tony Fettes, Associate ASLA, Online Learning Webinar Coordinator

Devon Santy, Associate ASLA, Communications/LinkedIn Coordinator

Lee Skabelund, ASLA, Advisor/Past Chair

Education and Practice 

Jules Bruck, PhD, ASLA, Co-Chair

Brian LaHaie, ASLA, Co-Chair  

Hilary Noonan, Associate ASLA, Officer

Jeff Lakey, ASLA, Officer - Editor for The Field

Audra Lofton, Affiliate ASLA, Officer - Social Media

Joni Palmer, ASLA, Officer

Cheri Stringer, Affiliate ASLA, Officer

Environmental Justice 

Kathleen King, Associate ASLA, Co-Chair

Julie Stevens, ASLA, Co-Chair

Healthcare and Therapeutic Design 

Lisa Bailey, ASLA, Chair

Past Chairs

Jack Carman, FASLA (2013-2014 and 1999-2002)  

Steve Mitrione, ASLA (2012-2013)

Rick Spalenka (2011-2012)

Susan Erickson, ASLA (2008-2010)

Angela Pappas (2007-2008)

Marguerite Koepke, ASLA (2005-2006)

Naomi Sachs, ASLA (2002-2004)
Therapeutic Landscapes Network

Mark Epstein, ASLA (1999-2002)

Historic Preservation 

Tina Bishop, ASLA, Chair

Chris Stevens, ASLA, HALS Chair / Coordinator

Jonathan Ceci, ASLA, Officer and Past Chair

Deborah Dietrich-Smith, ASLA, Officer

Andrew Kohr, ASLA, Officer and Past Chair

Chris Pattillo, FASLA, Officer and Past Chair

Brenda Williams, ASLA, Officer and Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation Liaison

Housing and Community Design 

Chair position open. If interested in this leadership opportunity, please contact Professional Practice Coordinator Alexandra Hay

Ann Nguyen, Associate ASLA, Officer

Audrey West, ASLA, Officer

Donald Jensen, ASLA, Officer

John Carlton, ASLA, Officer

Josh Tiller, ASLA, Officer

Keith McCarron, Associate ASLA, Officer

Rachel Boswell, Student ASLA, Officer

Tim Nickerson, ASLA, Officer

International Practice 

Chih-Wei G. V. Chang, ASLA, Co-Chair

Jack Ahern, FASLA, Co-Chair

Landscape—Land Use Planning  

Larisa LaLonde, ASLA, Chair

Rachel Glass, Student ASLA, The Field Editor  

Susannah Abbey, ASLA, Officer, Communications

Parks and Recreation  

Jennifer Nitzky, ASLA, Co-Chair

Amanda Bailey, ASLA, Co-Chair

Scott Reese, ASLA, Officer

Planting Design  

Brooke Ryan, ASLA, Co-Chair

David Hopman, ASLA, Co-Chair 

Nancy Buley, Honorary ASLA, Allied Organization Liaison  

John Greenlee, Affiliate ASLA, Officer

Katy Hiatt, Affiliate ASLA, Officer

Ben O'Brien, Associate ASLA, Officer  

Michael Keenan, Associate ASLA, Officer  

Cheryl Mihalko, ASLA, Officer

Richard Prudenti, Student ASLA, Officer

Residential Landscape Architecture  

James Hughes, Affiliate ASLA, Co-Chair

Matt Matisko, ASLA, Co-Chair  

Sustainable Design and Development   

Lisa Kunst Vavro, ASLA, Co-Chair  

Nette Compton, ASLA, Co-Chair  

Lisa Cowan, ASLA, Officer  

Constance (CeCe) Haydock, ASLA, Officer 

Keven Graham, FASLA, Officer

April Philips, FASLA, Officer

Hunter Beckham, FASLA, Officer

Kevin Burke, ASLA, Officer 


Ellen Alster, ASLA, Co-Chair 

Allysha Lorber, ASLA, Co-Chair

Lars Anderson, ASLA, Officer

Davie Biagi, ASLA, LinkedIn Coordinator

Jeff Eichenauer, ASLA, Officer 

Tom Klein, Student ASLA, The Field Editor

Wendy Miller, FASLA, Officer and Past Co-Chair

Christopher Myers, Associate ASLA, Officer

Jean Senechal Biggs, ASLA, Communications Coordinator

Mike Shippey, ASLA, Officer

Tony Wotzka, Associate ASLA, Officer

Tom Tavella, FASLA, Officer

Marita Roos, ASLA

Urban Design 

Taner Özdil, PhD, ASLA, Chair

Keith Billick, ASLA, Officer

Aaron Ackerman, Student ASLA, NextGen Officer

Paul Spittle, Student ASLA, NextGen Officer

Water Conservation 

Hope Hui Rising, ASLA, Co-Chair

Gary Lai, ASLA, Co-Chair

Women in Landscape Architecture 

Tanya Olson, ASLA, Co-Chair  

Christa Wollenzien, ASLA, Co-Chair

Kristina Snyder, ASLA, Officer 

Kate Douglas Kestyn, Affiliate ASLA, Officer

Emily O'Mahoney, ASLA, Officer

Whitney Tidd, Student ASLA, Officer

PPN Staff Support

Shawn M. Balon, ASLA
Professional Practice Manager

Alexandra Hay
Professional Practice Coordinator