Professional Practice Networks

For PPN Members: Ways to Engage With Your PPN

All ASLA members can contribute and participate on a national level through ASLA’s Professional Practice Networks (PPNs).

Be an Active Member of Your PPN

Write for THE FIELD Blog   

THE FIELD is for members to share expertise, earn exposure and recognition, and inspire—and be inspired by—your colleagues in the field of landscape architecture. Submissions for THE FIELD from members are accepted on a rolling basis. Follow THE FIELD to receive email notifications of new posts.


Attend or Present an ASLA Online Learning Webinar

Online learning

Members save on ASLA Online Learning, which offers access to live and recorded Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System™ (LA CES™)-approved webinars. Throughout the year, PPNs host live webinars, often presented by PPN members. Presentation proposals from members are accepted on a rolling basis.  


Join the Conversation with your PPN's LinkedIn Group

In addition to one general PPNs group, each PPN also has its own LinkedIn group as a forum for questions and discussions. Click the link below to request to join your PPN's group and then contribute to the conversation:

Professional Practice Networks LinkedIn group
Campus Planning and Design
Children's Outdoor Environments
Community Design
Digital Technology
Ecology and Restoration
Education and Practice
Environmental Justice
Healthcare and Therapeutic Design
Historic Preservation
International Practice
Landscape—Land Use Planning
Parks and Recreation
Planting Design
Residential Landscape Architecture
Sustainable Design and Development
Urban Design
Water Conservation
Women in Landscape Architecture

Join Your PPN Leadership Team

ASLA members who want to be involved in guiding the direction of their PPN and share their expertise with a national audience may volunteer to join their PPN leadership team. PPN leaders are often a first contact for press requests.

Call for PPN Leadership Volunteers


Share your passion for your landscape architecture practice area—whether it is ecological restoration, planting design, environmental justice, or any one of ASLA’s 20 PPNs—by joining your PPN’s leadership team. Appointments are for one year, and all ASLA members are welcome to volunteer. Most leadership teams meet once a month via Zoom during regular working hours. Come nerd out with like-minded professionals about your practice area niche! See The Field for a PPNs 101 overview if you need more info, or go straight to this short form to volunteer.

Volunteer to be a PPN leader!


PPN Chairs and Officers


PPN Chair Leadership Toolkit

PPN Officer Toolkit

PPN Chairs serve two-year terms, during which they direct their PPN's activities, in coordination with staff. Many PPNs also have one or more PPN officers to assist with specific activities. The commitment is a short monthly call with like-minded professionals and volunteering to support one of the PPN’s resources.


The Professional Practice Networks at the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture

PPN events at the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture are a wonderful way to see the PPNs in action and get a sense of what these practice area-focused groups are all about. PPN meetings can take place in the EXPO or in meeting rooms and feature a wide variety of formats, from presentations to lightning talks to breakout groups for conversation. These events are opportunities to meet and network with other ASLA members and conference attendees, allowing for peer-to-peer learning and knowledge-sharing. (And if this sounds like something you’d be interested in taking part in, not just at the conference but throughout the year, then consider joining your PPN’s leadership team!)

For recaps of past PPN events, see The Field:

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