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The Education and Practice PPN promotes collaboration and the sharing of ideas, issues, and trends that advance the profession, while informing undergraduate and graduate education. Building upon the significant research, innovations, and challenges happening in academic, public, and private practice, it seeks to promote a two-way dialogue that identifies needs and opportunities within education and practice.

E&P works to identify resources, promote collaboration between practitioners, educators, and students, and explore needs and opportunities related to enriching the practice and discipline of landscape architecture. Discussions will allow for the exchange of research insights, best practices, trends, and innovations between practitioners and educators. This group will provide a forum to share ideas and challenges, such as recruitment and retention of students and suggestions for student internship goals and expectations. E&P will identify potential case studies and topics for exploration, generate and respond to research questions, share innovative professional work, find collaborators for projects and publications, and discuss the evolving needs and expectations of academia. This valuable forum allows members (educators, students, and public and private practitioners) to connect with colleagues and to generate interdisciplinary ideas in response to today’s landscape architectural education issues and concerns.

The group is open to all members who are interested in relevant issues within landscape architecture and their relationship to the Society and the profession at large. E&P seeks to forge connections across all practice areas.

E&P PPN goals include:

  • Inclusiveness – open to all members with an interest in post-secondary level education.
  • Provide open collaboration between educators and practitioners.
  • Connect academic, public, and private practitioners to better prepare students to succeed in the profession.
  • Create a space to talk about experiences and challenges in the profession.

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