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Who oversees and administers HALS?

The National Park Service (NPS) administers the planning and operation of the Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS), which includes: selecting and approving landscapes for documentation, standardizing formats and developing guidelines for recording landscapes, catalogs and/or publishing the information when appropriate.

The Library of Congress accepts and preserves HALS documents, furnishes reproductions of material, and makes records available to NPS.

The ASLA Professional Practice department works with ASLA’s Historic Preservation Professional Practice Network (HP PPN) to provide advice on identifying, selecting, and documenting historical landscapes. The ASLA HP PPN, through its HALS Subcommittee, oversees the nationwide identification of historic landscapes that merit HALS documentation.

2024 HALS Subcommittee:

Helen Erickson, ASLA, Co-Chair / Co-Coordinator
Barbara Wyatt, FASLA, Co-Chair / Co-Coordinator
Christine Donhardt, ASLA
David Driapsa, FASLA
Kimball Erdman, ASLA
Birgit Kibelka, ASLA 
Elena Pascarella, ASLA
Jessica Petro, ASLA
Christa Schaefer, ASLA
Christopher Stevens, ASLA
Jacob Torkelson, Affiliate ASLA  
Carol J. H. Yetken, ASLA
Scott Keyes

In memory of Dr. Charles L. Leider, FASLA, FAICP, Professor and Director Emeritus, Landscape Architecture Program, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma: Dr. Charles Leider, a longtime member of the ASLA HALS Subcommittee, was a dedicated and productive friend to the HALS Program and will be remembered for all of his amazing accomplishments, a few of which are summarized here.

See the ASLA HALS Guidelines for more information about the HALS liaisons, the HALS coordinator, and the HALS subcommittee. Anyone with comments or interest in volunteering or assisting with HALS, please email





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