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HALS Challenges and Results


While progress has been made in identifying cultural landscapes during the past decade, much more work is needed to document these designed and vernacular places. Since 2010, landscape architecture preservation enthusiasts from every state have been challenged to complete at least one Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS) short format history to increase awareness of particular cultural landscapes.

The annual HALS Challenge is growing in popularity, with entries resulting in many new donations to the HALS collection. Below are the descriptions and results of each challenge.

2016 HALS Challenge: Documenting National Register Listed Landscapes

2015 HALS Challenge: Documenting Modernist Landscapes
2015 HALS Challenge Results  

2014 HALS Challenge: Documenting Landscapes of the New Deal
2014 HALS Challenge Results

2013 HALS Challenge: Documenting the Cultural Landscapes of Women
2013 HALS Challenge Results

2012 HALS Challenge: Documenting the American Latino Landscape
2012 HALS Challenge Results

2011 HALS Challenge: Celebrating Cultural Landscapes of Diversity 
2011 HALS Challenge Results  

2010 HALS Challenge: Revisiting Cultural Landscapes of Childhood
2010 HALS Challenge Results             





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