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Ecology and Restoration

The ASLA Ecology and Restoration Professional Practice Network (ER-PPN) is a group committed to ecologically-based land planning, design restoration, and management, while creating functional and resilient landscapes that address landscape, ecosystem, and human community needs.

Our mission is to collectively advance applied ecology and ecological restoration planning/design as they relate to landscape architecture and related fields (including but not limited to ecological restoration, restoration ecology, landscape ecology, conservation biology, urban ecology, ecological engineering, biomimicry, and land reclamation). Through these efforts we seek to advance the principles and practices of ecological restoration, and to find ways to improve how landscape architects and related disciplines plan, design, and implement restoration, reclamation, and other restorative projects and programs. Our desire is to help heal the earth by retaining, conserving, restoring, and reclaiming ecological functions, values, and services.

The ER-PPN serves as a forum for landscape architects interested in ecological restoration, landscape conservation, land reclamation, landscape ecology, ecological engineering, and other similar areas to exchange knowledge, ideas and information. We seek to improve communication among professionals with similar interests and enrich the conversation amongst practitioners by discussing issues and preparing materials and presentations via our LinkedIn group, on The Field, via Online Learning presentations, and during education and networking sessions held in conjunction with the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture.

We invite you to join, contribute, and grow with us and the earth’s incredible systems.

To join the Ecology and Restoration PPN, please complete this form or contact ASLA Member Services at 888-999-ASLA or


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