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World Landscape Architecture Month Gets People Talking

Scroll over the graphic to learn more about what landscape architects do in communites, in the classroom, in the field, and in the halls of government.

All month, ASLA National has been reaching out to media and to the public to raise awareness of the profession, highlight the work landscape architects do, and help people understand more about landscape architecture.

Since April 1st, we’ve sent communications on projects in the field, on our work to diversify the profession, efforts for students and emerging professionals, and our advocacy in Congress and in the states. You can see some of the outreach materials on the ASLA website.

People are taking notice. World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM) was picked up by 100 news sources, from large outlets like the Associated Press, The Boston Herald, and Forbes, to trade publications like the Oil & Gas Journal, to small local outlets such as The Galveston Country Daily News.


ASLA asked its members to share their favorite landscape architect-designed spaces with #WLAM2019 and a card that read, “This is Landscape Architecture.” The goal was to connect the term “landscape architecture” to the work of landscape architects.

This year, 1,013 people posted 5,500 times with #WLAM2019, which helped introduce the profession to more than 2.5 million people worldwide. To celebrate WLAM, a different ASLA chapter took over the National ASLA Instagram account each day to highlight the best of the profession in their local areas.

The Instagram takeover continues into May, concluding with the Wisconsin chapter on Monday, May 20. Visit to see more #WLAM2019 posts and a map of all of the chapter takeover posts.

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