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Meet the Candidate: Vaughn B. Rinner, FASLA


Vaughn B. Rinner, FASLA
Candidate for 2016 President-Elect

Concepts and Aims Statement
The profession of landscape architecture is stronger than ever before. This has not happened by chance. What we do together is essential to professional recognition. The sustained effort of ASLA volunteers and staff is a driving force in the emerging public recognition that landscape architects are uniquely qualified to help address our mounting environmental and social dilemmas.

Build on Our Successes
We have built a very effective organization with an outstanding staff, broad membership involvement, and ever-increasing visibility and credibility. Our endeavors are driven by a sound strategic planning process based on member priorities. We need to continue to build on this solid base while responding to an ever-changing political, cultural, and physical environment.

Our ongoing programs have served not just our members, but all landscape architects. We have increased our prominence through such programs as 50 by 2010, sustained advocacy, and public awareness campaigns. Our strategic actions have gained us a seat at the table when federal agencies are convening about transportation alternatives, climate-change issues, green streets, stormwater management, and other issues that are central to our businesses and our mission.

Grow the ASLA Community
There are multiple ways in which we must grow our community—in numbers, in diversity, and in outreach. This means not only increasing membership, but increasing and deepening relationships and finding ways to connect with landscape architects at all points in their careers.

Our understanding of the issues we need to address in order to gain a more diverse profession is being clarified through the diversity summits, creating a network to lead us to a future more representative of the overall population. It is critical that we persist in this effort and also that we further our international outreach as a component of our diversity plan.

To grow, we need to concentrate on more effective communication with members, firm leaders, potential members, and the academic community. We need to support each other intergenerationally, engaging practitioners with educators, students, and emerging professionals. We need to continue to work with students and find better methods to connect with emerging professionals so that they recognize the power of working together as part of the larger landscape architecture community.

Biographical Statement
Vaughn Rinner, FASLA, is known and respected as an articulate, diplomatic, and credible spokesperson for the profession of landscape architecture. A pragmatic visionary, she combines the abilities to listen, synthesize, and facilitate with the insight to move forward and take action. Her leadership style is collaborative, demonstrating her firm belief that we must work together to support the growth and future of the profession.

A graduate of Iowa State University, Rinner has worked for 40 years in both small landscape architectural firms and as a partner in interdisciplinary firms. Her management of a wide variety of project types has given her a broad understanding of the issues landscape architects face in both private and public practice.

Rinner’s sustained involvement in ASLA has been an integral part of her landscape architecture practice. She completed a term as Vice President for Finance and Investments after serving as chair of the Finance and Audit Committees, helping to lead the Society through challenging financial times. She has actively served on other national committees, chaired the Professional Practice Network Council, and participated in multiple licensure and advocacy summits. Her ongoing chapter involvement includes service as chair of various committees as well as treasurer, president, and trustee of the Virginia Chapter. Since relocating to Seattle, she is leading the advocacy efforts for the Washington Chapter. In acknowledgment of her dedicated service to the Society she was honored to receive the 2014 ASLA President’s Medal.

Rinner has supported the profession in many other ways. She continues to engage with university programs through mentorship, critiques, design charrettes, and professional practice classes. She served eight years on the Virginia licensing board and was active in CLARB throughout her tenure. She has also been a leader in related organizations, including the Virginia Urban Forest Council, the ULI Hampton Roads District Council, and the Council for New Urbanism. Her community leadership was recognized in 2012 by her receipt of a Hampton Roads Women in Business Achievement Award. In all of these roles, Rinner has worked to increase public understanding of the scope of landscape architectural practice.

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