ASLA Celebrates Women's History Month 2020


ASLA celebrates women who made important contributions to the development of the landscape architecture profession in the United States for Women’s History Month. Women have been active in ASLA since its formation in 1899 and have played major roles in its governance and membership.

ASLA has highlighted several women landscape architects over the years who were pioneers in their field, including Jane Silverstein Ries, FASLA, the first female landscape architect in Colorado and third to be licensed in that state. ASLA early members include Beatrix Jones Farrand (1872-1959), Marian Cruger Coffin (1876-1951), Ellen Biddle Shipman (1869-1950), Annette Hoyt Flanders (1887-1946), Marjorie Sewell Cautley (1891-1954), and Martha Brookes Hutcheson (1871-1959).

ASLA Female First Fellows of Color

  • Karen Phillips, FASLA - First African American female ASLA Fellow
  • Lolly Tai, FASLA - First Asian American Pacific Islander female ASLA Fellow

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Additional ASLA Resources on Women in Landscape Architecture  

The Women in Landscape Architecture Professional Practice Network

ASLA's Women in Landscape Architecture (WILA) PPN focuses on the experience and contributions of women in the profession. WILA works to create resources for women in the profession, provide mentorship opportunities, encourage discussion of work/life balance concerns, and establish a virtual home for members.

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Books by and about ASLA Members

ASLA Presidents

  • 2019-2020 — Wendy Miller, FASLA
  • 2016-2017 — Vaughn B. Rinner, FASLA
  • 2011-2012 — Susan M. Hatchell, FASLA
  • 2008-2009 — Angela D. Dye, FASLA
  • 2003-2004 — Susan L. B. Jacobson, FASLA
  • 1999-2000 — Janice Cervelli, FASLA
  • 1992-1993 — Debra L. Mitchell, FASLA
  • 1990-1991 — Claire R. Bennett, FASLA
  • 1987-1988 — Cheryl L. Barton, FASLA
  • 1983-1984 — Darwina L. Neal, FASLA

The 2013 Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS) Challenge: Documenting the Cultural Landscapes of Women

From the ASLA Archives

The Professional Practice Library at ASLA houses more than 2,000 volumes on landscape architecture and related fields, and receives more than 130 journals and newsletters. In addition, it is home to the society’s archives. Most of the archival resources were placed in storage during the construction of the Center for Landscape Architecture but we hope to restore access to researchers in 2019.

  • 1972 ASLA Survey of Women by Darwina Neal, FASLA
  • The National Survey of Career Patterns Among Women in Landscape Architecture (September 1983) by Joan Iverson Nassauer, FASLA, and Karen Arnold
  • Design Forum '81: Women Up Front by Alice C. Loh, ASLA, MRAIC


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