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Dear LAREy — Are Old LARE Prep Workshops Still Relevant?

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Dear L.A.R.E.y,
I noticed the ASLA website has LARE prep workshops and other material that is 2.5 years old. Will this be updated soon for more accurate information and usability?  Are these resources still useful to those of us preparing and taking the L.A.R.E. in the coming months?
Michael from California

Hello Michael,

The test material you will see on the L.A.R.E. has not changed in the last three years so all the material and resources contained on our website is still relevant to taking the L.A.R.E. But if you are interested in workshops that are scheduled in the coming months, we have you covered as well.

If you plan to attend the ASLA 2022 Conference on Landscape Architecture our LARE Prep Committee will be holding three workshops on Friday, November 11. We encourage you to register by tomorrow, July 27 to receive the early bird rate, which is a phenomenal value for a three or four hour exam review.

Though if you are unable to attend the conference, we have a resource outlining other workshop opportunities. We recommend periodically checking our LARE Prep map for the most current workshop offerings from around the country. ASLA relies upon universities and our chapters and members to supplement our LARE Prep Workshop offerings. The LARE Prep map currently has several virtual workshop offerings taking place this fall.

Lastly, as stated at the beginning, our resources and material contained on our website is still relevant, including our virtual workshops. We have virtual webinars for sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the exam, as well as, a general overview of the L.A.R.E. webinar. LARE Prep Committee instructors review the content and format of the specific sections and explore study strategies. If you are an ASLA member, these virtual workshops are offered at a discount.

1. Demystifying the LARE – What to Expect and how to Study

2. Section 1 - Project and Construction Management

3. Section 2 - Inventory and Analysis

4. Section 3 - Design

5. Section 4: Grading, Drainage and Construction Documents

Glad you are on your road to licensure. Best of Luck!


Please keep the L.A.R.E. questions coming! If you would like to ask LAREy a question, send an email to


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