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ASLA 2021 General Design Award of Excellence. Natural History Museum of Utah: A Museum Without Walls. Salt Lake City, UT. Design Workshop, Inc. >

In Memoriam: Darwina L. Neal, FASLA

The ASLA community mourns the loss of Darwina L. Neal, the first woman President of ASLA and 2021 ASLA Medal recipient. Neal dedicated her career to promoting landscape architecture through her advocacy and stewardship. She served at the National Park Service for 44 years, including as Chief of Cultural Resources in the Office of Lands, Planning, and Design.Read More

In Memoriam: Iain Robertson, ASLA

Associate Professor Emeritus, Iain Robertson, ASLA, passed away on July 27, 2021, at the age of 73. Iain Robertson inspired generations of University of Washington landscape architects and students with his love of and commitment to the natural world.Read More

In Memoriam: Donald Brinkerhoff, FASLA

Brinkerhoff, CEO and founder of Lifescapes International, believed in designing bold solutions with elements of surprise along with “theatrical” combinations of softscape and hardscape. Inspired by his world travels, his goal was to create magical, memorable places people enjoy, hence the Lifescapes International mantra, “We Create Gardens People Love.”Read More

Tribute: Kristen Richards (1952-2021)

Kristen Richards, Hon. ASLA., co-founder and editor of, passed away at 69. Richards raised the profile of landscape architecture in design media and championed emerging landscape architects and design journalists.Read More