Updates from ASLA

ASLA 2021 Professional Urban Design Honor Award. Xuhui Runway Park. Shanghai, China. Sasaki  >

Landscape Architects Needed for Federal Positions

ASLA encourages its members who want to make a difference and want a seat at the table to use the White House “get involved” portal to apply for political appointment positions, including full-time policy positions and volunteer advisory boards and committees.Read More

Landscape Architects Poised to Lead New Era of Infrastructure

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act makes significant investments in the nation's transportation, water, renewable energy, and broadband infrastructure. The legislation incorporates 13 of the transportation, water, and natural resource policy recommendations sent to Congress by ASLA’s Government Affairs team.Read More

Ban on Permanent Fencing at the U.S. Capitol

ASLA advocated for legislation that would prevent permanent fencing around the Capitol in the aftermath of the January 6 insurrection. Thanks to a new law ASLA supported, temporary fencing installed for a September 15 demonstration came down immediately following the event.Read More

ASLA Advocates AMPLIFY Their Voices

ASLA’s State Government Affairs team recently hosted AMPLIFY—the first two-day virtual state advocacy summit. AMPLIFY brought together over 160 chapter leaders and representatives to learn about the current legislative environment of occupational licensure and to be inspired to increase chapter efforts on climate change advocacy.Read More

ASLA Defends Licensure and Active Transportation

ASLA, along with numerous other organizations nationwide, have many concerns with the proposed revisions to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control devices (MUTCD). Chief among ASLA’s concerns is a provision to exclude landscape architects from interpreting or applying the provisions in the manual, which conflicts with state licensure laws.Read More