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ASLA 2021 Professional Residential Design Honor Award. Ghost Wash. Paradise Valley, AZ. COLWELL SHELOR LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE >

Upcoming Student Events

Join ASLA for a Welcome Back Student Townhall September 18 and a 6-part webinar series throughout the fall connecting students to a variety of professionals spanning the field of landscape architecture from firm life to academia and everything in between.Read More

2022 ASLA Mentor Legacy Project

Each year the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) organizes a Legacy Project as a gift to the host city of the annual Conference on Landscape Architecture.Read More

Tackling Pressing Issues of the Profession

Four days of “experience and wisdom.” The 2021 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture in Nashville, November 19–22, has so much to offer to everyone. Our students certainly think so. We need your help to get them there!Read More

Connecting in Person and Building Communities

There are over 400 students registered for the conference with free registration. We need your help to provide free registration to the many more that are anxious to meet you in person. Your generosity enables students to attend that otherwise would not be able to.Read More