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ASLA 2021 Professional Residential Design Honor Award. Ghost Wash. Paradise Valley, AZ. COLWELL SHELOR LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE >

Views: COP28

Although the new year is well underway, much of our work ahead in 2024 to elevate the profession and deepen our impact on the climate and biodiversity crises was very present in one of my last trips of 2023, where I joined other ASLA leaders at COP28 in Dubai.Read More

Grand Rapids Grey to Green Conference

Discover the secrets to creating a sustainable and resilient community at the first-ever Grand Rapids Grey to Green Conference, hosted by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities on August 9-10, 2023!Read More

RiverWalk West Design Competition

The City of Calgary has announced that the first stage of the RiverWalk West Design Competition, the Request for Pre-Qualification, is accepting applications through May 30.Read More