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SITES AP Jessica Petro Has Big Plans For Sustainable Landscape Practices At EYP

EYP project in Hackensack, New Jersey. Photo credit: Halkin Mason Photography.

Leading architecture and engineering firm EYP  announced the launch of its sustainable landscape design practice, guided by programs like the Sustainable SITES Initiative, to build on its history of sustainably focused design.

Jessica A. Petro, PLA, ASLA, SITES AP, is the lead designer and landscape architect spearheading the firm’s focus on creating high-performance landscapes. She spoke with SITES on her plans for the new practice

“Including a sustainable landscape design discipline into EYP’s services allows us to incorporate our sustainable practice from the ground up, leading to healthier, more productive environments for clients, our communities and the site itself,” Petro explains. “Being in-house allows us to be ‘at the table’ during initial decisions. SITES’ prerequisite of having an integrated team approach is vital, enabling designers to influence key decisions early in the design process that can continue to inform sustainable decisions throughout the project. A diverse perspective, influenced by many, provides a richer outcome where humans and nature can flourish.”

Petro looks for opportunities to incorporate the SITES framework into each project. She achieved her SITES Accredited Professional, or SITES AP credential, to provide expertise on client projects, aid in the project’s certification, and leverage the knowledge and resources that accompany the credential for continual learning and best practices.

"I appreciate that SITES is performance-based and not prescriptive, which enables the design team to make informed decisions and leverage innovative solutions,” notes Petro. “SITES serves as an incredible resource throughout the project.”

Learn more about the SITES AP credential, which establishes a common framework to define the profession of sustainable landscape design and development.

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