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Create a Lesson Plan to Teach K-12 Students about Landscape Architecture Careers

ASLA’s RFQs, Opportunities, and Events page provides the latest information on everything from calls for papers to competitions. Below, we highlight one recently submitted call for submissions. Anyone who would like to share an opportunity may submit information online.

Work as an individual or a team and tell us how you would share your love for landscape architecture. Winning lesson plans will be included in the 2022 Future Landscape Architects of America (FLAA) Curriculum launch.

The goal of this competition is to foster creativity and challenge participants to think about how they would share the career field of landscape architecture with young students.

Lesson plans can be printable material, classroom projects, PowerPoint presentations, or outdoor activities. We encourage applicants to use their own creative ideas and formats for their lesson plans


Landscape architects, land planners, landscape designers, as well as university‐level landscape architecture students and land planning students are welcome to submit a teachable lesson plan on any topic related to landscape architecture. Curriculum Challenge entries may be submitted by individuals or by teams. More than one entry may be submitted.

Learn more about this opportunity.

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