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topos - The International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design

topos 116: The Resilient City

topos—The International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design—focuses on landscape architecture as well as increasingly on architecture and urban planning. It sees itself as an interdisciplinary think tank aimed at addressing the challenges urban areas will face in future. The professional magazine strives to inspire planning practitioners, urban experts and professionals who shape the cities of tomorrow. Every issue of the periodical, that is published quarterly, is dedicated to a different topic and deals with a broad array of projects and planning work in countries all over the world.

The current issue of topos:

Cities and metropolitan areas are the center of life for over half of the world’s population. And although cities have suffered through shocks, crises, disasters and imponderables for as long as they've existed, they’re now becoming even more vulnerable. The question is how we—landscape architects, architects, urban designers, and urban planners—can support cities in their efforts to be more resilient and more robust? topos 116 – The Resilient City – will examine the very essence of robust, stress-resistant cities and analyze how planners and designers can work together to successfully develop them. 

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