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Help Students Make Meaningful Connections at the ASLA Conference

Students attending the 2019 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture and EXPO in San Diego.

Our students are excited about the 2021 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture in Nashville, November 19–22, 2021. We need your help to get them there!

Students are looking to make meaningful connections and pay it forward:

“Being able to attend the 2021 conference would be a capstone experience in my academic career. I am looking forward to attending field sessions, educational courses, and keynote addresses. I look forward to attending, along with the opportunity to volunteer. As Tennessee is known as the Volunteer State, I am sure that you will find the response to volunteer overwhelming! We are known to show up and give our all. I am especially grateful for this opportunity and am excited to attend. ” —Samuel Daniel, University of Tennessee, '22

“The ASLA 2021 Conference on Landscape Architecture would be fascinating for me to attend. This will be my first ASLA conference, and I look forward to expanding on topics I have studied, such as resilience, low impact development, and equity, as well as diving into new topics. It would be absolutely my pleasure to volunteer at the conference and help with whatever needs to be done. Thank you to all the donors who made it possible for some students to attend this conference for free! We are grateful! ” —Karie Dostert, Clemson University, '23

“I would like to attend the ASLA 2021 Conference on Landscape Architecture, because I will have the opportunity to not only network with professionals, but also be exposed to emergent ideas through attending various sessions and watching a multitude of presentations. In fact, many of these people and ideas would not as accessible to me without the chance to experience them first-hand at the conference. I value the ability to connect with others in the discipline, and be exposed to concepts and viewpoints that differ from the ones being taught at my university.” —Anonymous, University of Tennessee, '22

The ASLA Fund’s goal is to make sure as many students as possible are able to experience the spirit of the profession during the Conference. We need your help to make this happen. Please consider making a donation to positively impact the lives of landscape architecture students!  

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