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#iPledgeASLADiversity Social Media Series Inspires Next Generation of Landscape Architects

Last year marked the sixth anniversary of ASLA’s annual Diversity Summit. At the 2018 summit, participants decided to document their commitments to diversity and inclusion in the profession through a social media campaign.

ASLA launched the #iPledgeASLADiversity series on Monday, January 14.

The purpose of the series is to:
  • Share commitments to action made by Summit attendees.
  • Support ASLA’s strategic objective to Shape the Future of Landscape Architecture and Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Profession.
  • Show ASLA members, firm leaders and others how to support the diversity and inclusion efforts of its members or implement diversity and inclusion efforts within their organizations.
  • Highlight ASLA resources to encourage the next generation of landscape architects.
The series will run through February and will be followed by commitments to action in a longer social media platform. Join us! Take the pledge, and do not forget to share with ASLA using #iPledgeASLADiversity.

ASLA looks forward to the full support of its ASLA member community.

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