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2016 E+R PPN Resources and Links
A collection of articles, books, educational opportunities, and websites via an E+R PPN resource survey.

PPN Presentations

Urban Beavers: Cleaning Runoff and Restoring Streams
Presenter Katie Holzer, presents data from studies on how increased beaver activity has been cleaning stormwater, cooling streams, and increasing complexity in Gresham, Oregon. She also discusses challenges that they have encountered as well as tools used to allow these animals to coexist alongside our infrastructure.
October 2021

Transformative Ecological Restoration: Farms to Wetlands - 1.0 PDH (LA CES/HSW)
December 2020

Talking Novel Ecosystems with the ASLA Ecology & Restoration PPN
A novel ecosystem has been defined by Richard Hobbs as "an ecosystem that consists of new combinations of species that have not previously coexisted, and/or new configurations of environmental factors such as changed climate or altered soil properties." The basic premise that such ecosystems exist seems straightforward, yet has been highly contentious and marks a significant shift in perspective.  This webinar panel brings together designers and ecologists to unravel the nuances of "novel ecosystems" as a conceptual framework, and the implications for work in restoration, conservation, and design.
October 2019

Promoting Pollinators Through Landscape Architecture: Strategies to Improve Habitat Value & Landscape Performance - 1.0 PDH (LA CES/HSW)
June 2019

Making Ecological Restoration Climate-Smart
Point Blue Conservation Science's scientists work to reduce the impacts of climate change, habitat loss, and other environmental threats while developing nature-based solutions to benefit both wildlife and people. They partner with land and water managers, fishermen, ranchers, farmers, cities, counties, and landscape architects to improve the health of our planet.
May 2019

Design Tools for Climate Smart Riparian Restoration
Climate change projections suggest future climates will be different than the past, and that project design strategies may need to adapt to remain successful. Climate smart ecological restoration is the process of enhancing ecological function of degraded or destroyed areas in a manner that makes them more resilient to the consequences of climate change. Point Blue will present new strategies and tools from their Climate-Smart Restoration Toolkit to help landscape architects increase project success and resilience in a changing climate. These strategies can be applied to any project and support planning and design from developing project goals to selecting appropriate plant species.
May 2019

Conservation Finance: Follow Up to the 2018 ASLA Ecology & Restoration PPN Meeting
ASLA Annual Meeting
October 2018

Creating Sustainable Landscapes by Interweaving Ecosystem Restoration and Ecological Design Handout 
ASLA Annual Meeting Education Session
September 2009

Creating Sustainable Landscapes by Interweaving Ecosystem Restoration and Ecological Design Report
ASLA Annual Meeting Education Session
September 2009

Ecological Restoration of Functional Ecosystems: Learning from Stream Restoration Projects in the San Francisco Bay Area
ASLA Annual Meeting Education Session
October 2007

Defining Ecological Restoration Success: Principles, Project Case Studies, and Global Implications
October 2006

Post Hurricane Updates
This is a follow-up to the 2003 ASLA Coastal Restoration Tour.

SER Potential Practitioner's Certificate Program
December 13, 2004

SERI Global Restoration Network
December 10, 2004

Reclamation and Restoration Professional Interest Group: A Brief History
August 31, 2004

Reclamation Bibliography
August 2003


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