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We would like to welcome you to the Planting Design PPN. This group was inspired by the Art of Planting Design Educational Session at the 2011 ASLA Annual Meeting in San Diego, which featured W. Gary Smith, FASLA, Craig Bergmann, ASLA, Christine Ten Eyck, FASLA, and Brooks Kolb, ASLA. We are thrilled to be the co-chairs of this newest PPN and look forward to showcasing inspirational and educational planting design for landscape architects. In our first year, we anticipate we will be sharing knowledge, featuring plant materials used in design, and enjoying a lot of member involvement. Again, welcome, and feel free to share any ideas about directions you, the members, would like to see this group go. Let’s enjoy what looks to be an exciting year. Your involvement will help us make this group a success!


Stephanie Tuite & Deirdre Toner
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