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Housing and Community Design

Housing and Community Design

The Housing and Community Design PPN is a forum for landscape architects and other professionals involved in the creation of sustainable, inclusive communities. Members of this group unite to share experiences and advice, and to seek solutions to the many challenges presented by this project type.

The goals of the group are to:

  • Explore best practices and issues related to the design of healthy, sustainable, inclusive communities through education, research, and practice;
  • Share information via The Field and the Housing and Community Design LinkedIn group;
  • Promote and support collaborative partnerships between landscape architects and other community design and research professionals; and
  • Encourage members to develop Online Learning presentations, submit proposals for ASLA Annual Meeting education sessions, submit projects for design awards, and post content through The Field.

Topics of discussion include sustainable practices, affordable housing; cultural, generational and ability inclusion; and access to nature and opportunities for movement to increase positive mental and physical health outcomes.

To join, contact ASLA Member Services at 888-999-ASLA or



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