Professional Practice

Chapter and Regional Climate Action Committee Outline


  • Inspire greater climate action
  • Coordinate with other ASLA Chapter chairs on climate action
  • Create connection point for regional collaboration on climate action
  • Provide member and public education and outreach about landscape architecture and the climate crisis

Organizational positioning 

  • Committee Chair: an officially recognized leadership position (even if non-voting) within the chapter
  • Reports to the chapter’s leadership committee

Committee Responsibilities


  • Participate in quarterly and/or annual meetings with other chapter Climate Action Committees
  • Join the ASLA Climate Action Network Basecamp team to stay up-to-date on news and opportunities from the national-level ASLA Climate Action Committee 
  • Coordinate efforts with other chapter Climate Action Committees in your region
  • Serve as liaison between academic programs and the chapter
  • Serve as a liaison between student chapters and the chapter


  • Work with national and regional partners to contribute to maintain a mailing list of climate action experts and volunteers 
  • Contribute information about climate impacts, solutions, and projects in the region to ASLA National
  • Be a liaison between the chapter and other local professional organizations and community organizations active in climate action
  • Lead the conversation about climate action by following local issues and networking with local experts of any discipline

Educating and Outreach

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