Celebrating World Landscape Architecture Month 2021

World Landscape Architecture Month collage
 April 1 marks the beginning of World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM).

“This spring, as vaccines roll out and the world slowly begins to open again, people are rediscovering the open spaces around them – spaces landscape architects imagine, innovate, and build,” said Torey Carter-Conneen, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) CEO. “This month, ASLA is celebrating by showing all the ways communities of all kinds are #GrowingTogether in the spaces that landscape architects create.”

This year’s theme: Growing Together

ASLA’s vision is “healthy, beautiful, and resilient places for all.” During #WLAM2021, we will show how landscape architecture projects embody that vision in all communities – communities of all colors, socioeconomic backgrounds, and ability levels. We want to highlight how the spaces landscape architects create promote and facilitate people growing together with each other & with nature.

Ways To Participate
Landscape Architecture in Your Area map

This year, ASLA members, landscape architects, and the public can participate by:
Updates and highlights will be posted throughout the month on our web page,


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