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The political landscape is shaped by those who make their opinions known. This May, participate in ASLA’s biennial Federal & State Legislative Priorities Survey!

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This May, participate in ASLA’s biennial Federal & State Legislative Priorities Survey! Help determine ASLA’s federal policy agenda and state advocacy activities for 2023-2024. As the national voice for the landscape architecture profession, ASLA wants to hear from you on what you think are the most important policy issues.

ASLA’s current policy priorities for 2021-2022 focus on licensure, climate change and resiliency, environmental justice and equity, water and stormwater management, transportation planning and design, parks and recreation, and housing and community development.

Over the last two years, ASLA’s advocacy work has translated into policy successes that support our members’ practice and their ability to access resources to plan and design projects nationwide. In 2021, ASLA and their grassroots advocates witnessed many years’ worth of advocacy efforts come to fruition with the passing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) into law.

This cornerstone piece of legislation will upgrade our nation’s transportation, water, energy, and broadband infrastructure. The final law incorporates 13 of ASLA’s transportation, water, and natural resources infrastructure recommendations, and specific transportation recommendations from ASLA’s Landscape Architects Design Multimodal Transportation Networks for All that were sent to the Biden administration and congressional leaders.

At the state level, ASLA has been working with Chapters to analyze and respond to licensing reform legislation, promote chapter engagement on state-focused Climate resilience policies, and build Chapter capacity for advocating to state legislators. Progress on these issues will help amplify the profession's voice on key policy issues throughout the country.

Two years ago, this survey drew nearly 2,400 respondents, which shattered the previous record by several hundred counts. This year, the goal is to reach 3,000 respondents for two main reasons. First, ASLA seeks to ensure that these survey data are representative of the entire membership. Second, ASLA believes that every voice matters.

This iteration of the survey is streamlined for your convenience, and it will take less than 5 minutes to complete. Remember, the political landscape is shaped by those who make their opinions known. Your ASLA Government Affairs team thanks you in advance for completing your responses by May 27.


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