One-Stop Shop for Federal Active Transportation Resources

ASLA worked with the Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Human Environment to create a Federal Active Transportation Guide


ASLA worked with the Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Human Environment to create a Federal Active Transportation Guide.

This extensive resource offers cutting edge active transportation guides, tools, and performance measures from the U.S. Department of Transportation. These resources include design and strategic guides, sources to achieve more significant equity in multimodal transportation, active transportation case studies and program reports, and tools to measure success.

ASLA and its members are committed to creating sustainable and equitable transportation networks for all to use, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, people with disabilities, and people who use public transportation. These multimodal active transportation networks help to reduce traffic, improve air quality, and promote a sustainable way of life.

These tools can be an excellent resource for landscape architects, helping to shape their approach to strategizing and designing active transportation networks in both rural and urban areas around the country. Many guides and case studies share active transportation experiences and successes that landscape architects can benefit from and expand on. Additionally, several equity resources provide guidance on how to involve communities in project planning through different tools and best practices.

With the climate crisis and increasing instances of environmental injustices, it is crucial landscape architects continue to work to increase the sustainability and equity of our transportation corridors. Landscape architects are urged to use these resources to help keep the profession in the lead on active transportation projects.


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