Landscape Architects Descend on Capitol Hill

Nearly 200 members of ASLA went to Capitol Hill on May 2 for Advocacy Day 2019


It was a hot, muggy day in Washington, D.C., as nearly 200 members of ASLA descended on Capitol Hill. The goal was simple: Highlight the vital role landscape architects play in their communities to build outdoor spaces that are safe, promote public health and well-being, and are resilient and sustainable. 

This year, Advocacy Day focused on how landscape architects are helping to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure. ASLA members asked for support on three bills in particular: the Restore Our Parks Act, the Water Quality Protection and Job Creation Act, and the Transportation Alternatives Enhancement Act

From meetings with Senators like Senator Tammy Baldwin (WI), Senator Marsha Blackburn (TN), and Sen. John Boozman (AR), to meetings with Representatives like Rep. Don Young (AK), Rep. Bob Gibbs (OH), and Rep. Kendra Horn (OK), ASLA members explained how the work of landscape architects benefits communities and why more funding for green projects is so vital. 

Advocacy Day participation was not limited to those who could make the trip to the District. More than a thousand advocates took part in Virtual Advocacy Day – sending more than 3,300 messages to lawmakers via email on these three green infrastructure priorities. 

ASLA Advocacy Day 2019 was one of the most successful to date. But as ASLA staff pointed out, advocacy doesn’t end with one meeting on Capitol Hill. The next step is to engage lawmakers at home. 

August is National Site Tour Month. It’s a time for ASLA chapters to show their local, state, and federal lawmakers the projects that are shaping the future of their communities and display exactly what landscape architects contribute to the process of designing a more sustainable future. If your chapter is ready to take part, pledge to host a site tour this August and start planning now.


Kevin Fry
Director, PR and

Anita Wang
Digital Communications