New Licensure Advocacy Tools Available!


The ASLA Licensure Committee and State Government Affairs has revealed several new licensure advocacy tools. These new tools, important to licensure education and defense, include answers to the most frequently asked questions about landscape architecture, speak to the importance of licensure and the effect on public health, safety and welfare, and address the rigorous landscape architecture education and testing process.

The documents will be useful for chapters educating state and local elected officials and the general public about landscape architecture and licensure. These materials can be used as handouts in meetings with elected officials, in leave-behind advocacy packets, as attachments to testimony, materials for the record, as briefing sheets during a lobby day or legislative breakfast/event and as collateral material during site tours/chapter education events.

Formatted on a single double-sided sheet of paper, each document can be downloaded and printed for use in explaining some of the more common issues encountered when dealing with public officials and the general public. 

What is Landscape Architecture?
WhatIsLandscapeArchitecture (PDF)
WhatIsLandscapeArchitecture (editable)

New! Landscape Architecture FAQs:
Landscape Architecture FAQs

Licensure Factsheet: 
LicensureFactsheet (PDF)
LicensureFactsheet (editable)

New! Education & Testing:
Education&Testing (PDF)

New! Health, Safety, and Welfare:
HealthSafety&Welfare (PDF)


Kevin Fry
Director, PR and

JR Taylor
PR Coordinator