The Best Complete Streets Policies of 2014 Report Released

Last year proved to be a great year for the Complete Streets movement and the trend continues to rise with the adoption of over 70 new state and local policies. The over 712 Complete Streets policies adopted across the country provide a diverse set of examples for other cities, counties and states to follow in finding solutions to accommodate all users in their transportation plans.

The National Complete Streets Coalition, of which ASLA is a Steering Committeemember, has released their yearly report, The Best Complete Streets Policies of 2014, which scores and ranks the top Complete Streets policies in America. The Coalition’s report also highlights national trends, details on the top 15 comprehensive Complete Streets policies, and a scoring breakdown of each.

As the quality and number of Complete Streets policies continue to increase every year, it becomes more evident that our country needs a national Complete Streets policy that would ensure that all neighborhoods, cities, towns and states like yours can have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of safer roads, healthier lifestyles, increased convenience and economic growth.

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Kevin Fry
Director, PR and

JR Taylor
PR Coordinator