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RFQ for the Backyard Project: A Regenerative Learning Ecosystem

Date: 12/1/2022 - 12/29/2022

Type: RFPs / RFQs

LA CES approved?: No

Location(s): Arizona

Description: Located at a decommissioned middle school in the San Jose area of Bisbee, AZ, 3 miles from the US/Mexico border, this project seeks to create the first experimental learning ecosystem in our multi-county region, and an experimental approach to community-informed STEAM education design that can be a model nationwide. The Backyard Project aims to transform 8 acres to create a Regenerative Learning Ecosystem. A Regenerative Learning Ecosystem is a holistic, cutting-edge, community-based learning ecosystem that is adaptive to local needs, is inclusive in its approach, and supports the long-term environmental and social health and sustainability of our community and the local ecosystem as a whole. We intend to hire a qualified Landscape Architecture Design Team committed to community-informed, environmentally and culturally relevant practices, and cutting-edge design work to develop construction documents for the Backyard Project: Regenerative Learning Ecosystem. This RFQ will be the starting point for negotiations. Design Teams will be ranked by our core team using our rubric defined later in the document based on their submissions and contacted to determine if they are able to commit to the project.





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