State Advocacy Webinars

August 18, 2020: Joint ASLA/CLARB WebSummit - Third Quarter 2020

ASLA and CLARB jointly hosted a third quarter licensure websummit (video/presentation) on August, 18. The webinar provided an update on the 2020 legislative session, including current legislative trends and what we expect to see in 2021. Participants also received an ARPL update and an update from CLARB on its ReThink initiative.

March 25, 2020: Joint ASLA/CLARB WebSummit - First Quarter 2020

ASLA and CLARB jointly hosted a first quarter licensure websummit (video/presentation) on Wednesday, March 25. The webinar provided updates on 2020 legislative trends and activity in licensure affecting landscape architects across the country. Additionally, staff provided an update on recent ARPL activities.

June 18, 2019: Joint ASLA/CLARB WebSummit - Second Quarter 2019

ASLA and CLARB jointly hosted the second quarter licensure websummit (video/presentation) featuring a 2019 legislative update on trends displayed in the roughly 300 legislative bills being tracked by our respective organizations. Participants also received an update from CLARB staff on the profession's Framework Project, as well as the newly created Alliance for Responsible Professional Licensing coalition.

May 29, 2019: National Site Tour Month Webinar

ASLA Chapters have been encouraged to host a site tour as part of ASLA’s National Site Tour Month (August 2019) initiative. To help chapters plan for and learn about the fundamentals of hosting a site tour, ASLA Government Affairs held a National Site Tour Month Webinar (video/presentation) on Thursday, May 30, 2019. For the uninitiated, hosting a site tour can appear overwhelming. To lessen those hesitancies, this webinar provided an overview about how to host a site tour, including an in-depth look into a site tour’s organization and logistics, step-by-step instructions for before, during, and after the tour, and how to continue relationships with public officials beyond the site tour. Additionally, ASLA’s Public Relations and Communications team provide guidance for communications, social media, and press opportunities for site tours.

February 28, 2019: Joint ASLA/Clarb Websummit - Fourth Quarter 2019

ASLA and CLARB jointly hosted a first quarter advocacy websummit (video/presentation). The webinar featured a legislative update on trends displayed in the roughly 200 legislative bills being tracked by ASLA State Government Affairs, as well as a review of our updated resources and tools. Participants learned how the shared interests of licensure is utilized to build relationships within the industry, with aligned design professional organizations, and beyond to other highly skilled professional organizations who are also under licensure threat. Additional time was provided to allow chapters and boards to share their recent stories on successes and challenges.

November 8, 2018: Joint ASLA/CLARB WebSummit - Fourth Quarter 2018

ASLA and CLARB jointly hosted a fourth quarter advocacy websummit (video/presentation). The webinar included discussion of the state-level election results, state and federal occupational licensing legislation, and what chapters and boards should do now to prepare for the upcoming legislative session. Approximately 70 people participated on the call, with 45 of them ASLA members.

September 20, 2018: ASLA Advocacy WebSummit - Third Quarter 2018

ASLA's third quarter webinar (video/presentation) focused on the importance of site tours, but also included an update on ASLA State and Federal Government Affairs activities. The Connecticut and Texas Chapters gave presentations of their recently held/planned site tours with public officials, and ASLA staff gave an overview of site tour tools available to aid chapters in developing effective site tours. 

March 27, 2018: Joint ASLA/CLARB Licensure WebSummit

ASLA and CLARB held a webinar (video/presentation) as part of their joint initiative to improve chapter-board relations and defend licensure. This year’s websummit had a record number of 80 participants from chapters and boards across the country. The webinar highlighted the current regulatory climate, how licensure legislation has affected various jurisdictions, and the effectiveness and use of best practices and advocacy tools and resources.  

November 29, 2017: Joint ASLA/CLARB Licensure WebSummit

ASLA and CLARB held a joint webinar (video) focused on strengthening chapter/board relationships and increasing education and advocacy of the profession. Nearly 70 participants received a briefing on the current licensure environment, an analysis of the chapter/board licensure threat survey, and learned of new resources, including a Chapter/Board contact list and a Best Practices for Chapter/Board Relationships factsheet. 

June 28, 2017: ASLA Advocacy WebSummit - Second Quarter 2017

ASLA's second quarter webinar (video) featured the Oregon Chapter’s recent use of the ASLA Chapter Checklist for State and Federal Issues, the Florida Chapter’s relationship building efforts with the Florida Department of Transportation, and a discussion on the importance of hosting in-district site tours. 


Roxanne Blackwell, 
Esq., Hon. ASLA,
Director of Federal
Government Affairs

Elizabeth Hebron,
Director of State
Government Affairs