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2006 The Jot D. Carpenter Teaching Medal Recipient
Donald L. Collins, FASLA


Donald L. Collins, FASLA

The Jot D. Carpenter Teaching Medal is awarded to an individual who has made a sustained and significant contribution to landscape architecture education.

Donald L. Collins, FASLA, has been a member of ASLA since 1968 and has spent more than 35 years shaping the minds of countless students in the fields of landscape architecture and architecture.  He was the driving force behind establishing the landscape architecture program at Clemson University. During his tenure, he has taught 100 percent of the university’s graduating landscape architects and more than 50 percent of graduating architects. He served as the faculty representative to South Carolina chapter of the ASLA and coordinated the student award program for many years. His strategies for teaching design studio have won awards from the American Institute of Architects Honors Program and the Award of Distinction from CELA.

Read the nomination letter from David L. Lycke, ASLA, and support letters from Jessica V. McClung, ASLA, Bill Eubanks, ASLA, Jennifer Cooper, ASLA, Janice Cervelli Schach, FASLA, and Heather Hammatt, ASLA.


Representative Works

Collins working with 5th-year "exit studio" student Paul Woodward on his master plan for "A New Prison Concept for Rehabilitation of Youthful Offenders."

Collins working with 3rd-year students Richard Massengill and Turkist Exchange Student Gulsen Zeynef explaining one of the methods to calculate area and volume.

Collins giving the charge to the faculty and guest jurors at the opening of a session of the final "Exit Project" presentations.

Collins elaborating on the next phase of a project following the presentation of site analysis work.

Collins with University of Notre Dame Fire Department Chief John Antonnucci following his acceptance of Collins' personally delivered invitation to be a juror on an upcoming fire station design and site planning awards program.

First day of a second-year studio

Late afternoon outdoor jury in session in one of Collins' earlier architecture studios

Student work from 1st Semester, 2nd-year studio (pdf)

Student work from 1st semester, 2nd-year theory (within studio) (pdf)

Professional work as applied research DBA Collins design service (pdf)

The Extras (pdf)


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