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2007 THE LAGASSE MEDALS Recipient ( Landscape Architect Category )
Charles A. Birnbaum, FASLA

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The LaGasse Medal, recognizes individuals who have made notable contributions to the management and conservancy of natural resources and/or public landscapes.

The LaGasse Medal in the Landscape Architect Category will be awarded to Charles A. Birnbaum, FASLA, of Washington, DC, for his leadership in management and conservancy of natural resources and public landscapes. From 1992 until recently, he served as coordinator of the Historic Landscape Initiative, a program of the National Park Service. There he provided national policy guidance, developed standards, directed conferences, published books, guided web development, coordinated partners, and oversaw volunteers. In 1995, ASLA awarded the Historic Landscape Initiative the President’s Award of Excellence. In 1998, Birnbaum founded The Cultural Landscape Foundation and now serves full-time as the Foundation’s president.

Read the nomination letter from Kurt Culbertson, FASLA, and support letters from Faye B. Harwell, ASLA, Lawrence Halprin, FASLA, Gary R. Hilderbrand, FASLA, Richard Haag, FASLA, and Jan Rothschild.



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