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The LaGasse Medals

The LaGasse Medal

The LaGasse Medals are named for Alfred B. LaGasse, past executive director of the American Institute of Park Executives and executive vice president of the National Recreation and Parks Association. From 1968 until 1976, he served as the executive director of the American Society of Landscape Architects and the American Society of Landscape Architects Foundation. Throughout his lifetime, LaGasse was concerned with the proper management of the nation's public lands and the judicious use of the country's natural resources.

Purpose: Recognizes notable contributions by individuals to the management and conservancy of natural resources and/or public landscapes.

Landscape Professional Eligibility: The nominees must be a landscape architect or hold a degree in landscape architecture and possess a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the profession.

Non-Landscape Professional Eligibility: The nominees must possess a minimum of five years in a position directly responsible for managing natural resources or public landscapes.

Frequency: No more than two medals are awarded annually; one to a landscape professional and one to a non-landscape professional.

Nomination Process: Nominations may be made by an ASLA professional member or an ASLA chapter. Nominations are to be kept confidential. Nominees should not be made aware of their nominations or asked to participate in the preparation of their nomination materials.

All nominations must be submitted as a high resolution PDF and sent via WeTransfer to honorsawards@asla.org by February 28, 2023, 6:00 pm EST.

NOTE: Email subject line must read "LAGASSE MEDALS"

Each nomination to include:

  • A letter of nomination describing the nominee's qualifications for the medal; the letter may be no more than five (5) pages in length
  • Include four (4) to five (5) images representing the nominee’s work
  • Portrait style photo of nominee
  • Up to five (5) letters of endorsement
  • Nominee contact details – current email, address, and phone number, including current title and firm/organization

Please be sure the images within your PDF submission meet the following:

Project images should be at least 2000x1500px at 300ppi (pixels / inch). They may be larger but must have a minimum width of 2000px, minimum height of 1500px, and minimum pixel density of 300 pixels / inch (i.e. 2000x2500px at 300ppi, 3000x1500px at 300ppi, 2000x1500px at 600ppi would be acceptable images).

Nominee images should be at least 1200x1200px at 300ppi (pixels / inch). It may be larger but must have a minimum width of 1200px, minimum height of 1200px, and minimum pixel density of 300 pixels / inch.

Nomination letters may be addressed to:

LaGasse Medal Nominations
c/o Honors and Awards
636 Eye Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001-3736

Selection Process: The Executive Committee reviews all nominations and forwards no more than two nominees in each category (Landscape Architect and Non-Landscape Architect) to the Board of Trustees (BOT) for final selection. The BOT selects the medal recipients by secret ballot during the Spring meeting. The medal recipients are notified by the president and invited to attend the ASLA Annual Meeting, held in the Fall, where the medals will be awarded.

Questions? Contact Honors and Awards Manager, 202-216-2331 or honorsawards@asla.org

2003   John G. Parsons, FASLA
2003   Joseph T. Edmiston FAICP, Hon. ASLA
2002   John J. Reynolds, FASLA
2002   Sylvia C. McLaughlin, Hon. ASLA
2001   John O. Bell, ASLA
2001   The Hon. Bruce Babbitt, Hon. ASLA
2000   Jack Dangermond, ASLA
2000   The Hon. Mary Landrieu, Hon. ASLA
1999   Eugenie Beal, Hon. ASLA
1998   Mark Ackelson, ASLA
1998   Wolf Bauer, Hon. ASLA
1996   Gerald D. Patten, FASLA
1996   Julia Broderick O'Brien, Hon. ASLA
1995   Jerrold Soesbe, FASLA
1995   James P. Storer, Hon. ASLA
1993   Leslie A. Kerr, FASLA
1991   Carl F. Steinitz, Hon. ASLA
1990   Arthur A. Davis, Hon. ASLA
1989   John W. Bright, FASLA
1989   Wayne Kennedy, Hon. ASLA
1988   Ian McHarg, FASLA
1988   The Hon. William K. Reilly, Hon. ASLA
1987   Edward Cliff, Hon. ASLA
1986   Edward H. Stone II, FASLA
1986   The Hon. John Seiberling, Hon. ASLA
1985   William P. Mott, Hon. ASLA
1985   Martin J. Rosen, Hon. ASLA
1984   William Carnes
1984   Homer Wadsworth, Hon. ASLA
1983   Leo Drey, Hon. ASLA
1983   Raymond E. Page, FASLA
1982   The Hon. Morris K. Udall, Hon. ASLA
1981   Laurance S. Rockefeller, Hon. ASLA
1981   Conrad L. Wirth, FASLA


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