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In addition to the LinkedIn group, the PPN's Facebook group is another great way to stay up-to-date with the PPN and find information relevant to the profession. Click the "Join Group" button to contribute via posts and comments.


Information & Trends for Connecting with Your Fellow Practitioners

The Women in Landscape Architecture PPN has heard that many of our members are interested in a mentorship program. In our research on this topic, we’ve realized that forming a national program wouldn’t meet the needs of our individual members. However, many local chapters have formal mentoring programs and we encourage you to contact your local chapter for information.

Women in Design: How to Find a Network of Other Women Designers
Lessons Learned from Mentors
Guidance on Networking & Mentoring for Emerging Professionals
Landscape Architecture Mentoring Programs
Mentorship: Connecting With Your Fellow Practitioners
Colorado Chapter's Mentor Program
Northern California Chapter's Mentorship Program 
Potomac Chapter Mentor Chain

We hope that these resources help you find a program you can join, or gives you inspiration to start your own program.

Landscape Architecture Magazine Articles

Click through the selection of LAM  articles below to read about women in the field of landscape architecture, both past and present, who have made an impact on the profession.

Disneyland: Dream Built in One Year through Teamwork of Many Artists by Ruth P. Shellhorn, FASLA (April 1956)

What the Client Wants by Julia Silverstein Ries, FASLA (April 1961)

At the Helm: Women Take Charge of the Landscape Profession (May 2000)

Constellation of Pieces by Marc Trieb (March 2002) - A team of women architects - and landscape architect Martha Schwartz - assembled to design this Japanese housing complex. Did the all-woman team produce a more humane design?

Women (and Men) Need to Know by Bradford McKee (November 2014) - Read about the controversy surrounding the decision not to award the 1991 Pritzker Prize to architect Denise Scott Brown and the release of the study "Where Are the Women?" by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA).

A Hand up, a Hand down: Set-asides for Women-owned Firms Are a Paradox. Some Can Move You Ahead. Others Are Just a Headache. by Fred A. Bernstein (February 2015)

Lean Initiative by Jennifer Reut (August 2015) - Learn more about Build Yourself, a course focused on women working in design, investing women designers with the skills to manage issues, and obstacles for success.

Start Your Engines by Kevan Williams (March 2017) - Hear from women who launched their own design firms – the deciding factor, their approach to the back office, and what no one tells you about starting your own firm. Read more at LAM online.

Martha Schwartz, Reconnecting by James Trulove (July 2017) - Martha Schwartz, FASLA, is focused on climate change in her GSD studio and teaching her students how to integrate meaningful ecologies into the urban environment.

Drawn Together by Jane Margolies (March 2018) - In the 20 years since GGN was established, Kathryn Gustafson, FASLA, Jennifer Guthrie, FASLA, and Shannon Nichol, FASLA, have shaped landscapes in cities all over the globe that are strikingly original, sensitive to their sites, and welcoming.

Where the Water Was by Anne Raver (October 2018) - Anne Whiston Spirn, FASLA, has made West Philadelphia - and the water that flows beneath it - a life's work.


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